Aspiring business student seeks established Austin

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The general consensus is, if you want to be financially secure, you will need a college education. Unless you're Mark Zuckerberg, you need to attend and graduate from school - even NBA and NFL stars are now expected to give college a shot before hitting the big leagues. An education is a cherished commodity, and the price tag reflects it.

Many students interested in receiving a college degree will need financial assistance but thankfully, plenty of financial aid is available , especially where undergraduate scholarships are concerned. Philanthropic organizations, large corporations, understanding individuals and the government all work together to provide students with the support they need to attend college. That's good news for anxious undergraduates worried about the financial consequences of obtaining a post-secondary education. Two types of scholarships - the corporate and the private - can be particularly helpful to these individuals.

Numerous large corporations give back to the community by offering scholarships for undergraduate students. The bigger the corporation, the larger the chance of scholarship offers. The benefit of corporate scholarships is that eligibility criteria tend to be unrestrictive. Corporations want to reach as many people as possible, so their scholarships are open to various students. This obviously increases applicant competition, a negative side effect corporations try to offset by offering either lucrative awards or a large awards.

Many individuals and small organizations also offer scholarships to help students pay for school. In fact, private scholarships are frequently made available to students majoring in a particular subject or to those who have faced certain obstacles. For example, a pilot may begin an annual scholarship fund to assist aviation students in overcoming the financial obstacles he or she faced as a student.

It is always a good idea to take advantage of scholarships with detailed eligibility criteria if you are among those eligible. Finding such awards may be time consuming without assistance but using the free scholarship search at Scholarships. There will be a preference for students majoring in nursing, dental hygiene or electrical [ Grisanti Memorial Scholarship Fund is for any student pursuing an education in a restaurant, food-service, or hospitality related major. Scholarships are available to assist individuals studying to become law librarians as either a library or law school student, or to library school graduates seeking an advanced degree in a related field.

Preference is given to AALL [ In order to apply, you must be a female at least 25 years of age; reside in one of the following communities: Colts Neck, Englishtown, Farmingdale, Freehold Borough, Freehold Township, Howell, Manalapan, Marlboro, Morganville; and have a [ Eligible candidates must have completed, at a minimum, their first year of college at an accredited university; must have a declared major or course of study relevant to the transportation, travel, and [ Eligible employee must have been employed by an ABA member company in good standing for at least one year as of January 1 in the year in which the scholarships are awarded.

The winners or the parents of the winners must [ Each scholar will also be given the opportunity to compete for one of [ The stipend internship program will provide an opportunity for Bosnian American students to live and work in Washington, D. Full or part-time students in the Puget Sound Region attending colleges, universities, vocational or technical schools and pursuing a degree in ing and finance or persons actively pursuing their CPA or CMA deations may apply.

Applicants must have taken basic [ The scholarships are open to college juniors, seniors and graduate students who have demonstrated an interest in and aptitude for copy editing jobs or internships. For more information and to download the application form, please visit [ Students must pursue a degree or certificate from a non-profit public, automotive or technical vocational institution including [ ACF David R.

Woodling Memorial Scholarship is offered to students attending an accredited nonprofit or public educational institution in pursuit of a certificate or degree in a metals technology program with a concentration in machine tool technology and welding. Applicants must be a legal resident of New Mexico for a minimum of one year and have a minimum 2. Must be a high school [ Applicants must be a New Mexico resident for a minimum of one year, have been in the New Mexico foster care system for a minimum of one year, be between the ages of 17 and 21 at time of initial application, and [ There is no limit on the amount awarded to recipients.

Awards are available for only undergraduate study at public institutions in Alabama. For more information or to [ Applicants must be a citizen of the United States or in the process of becoming a citizen. African American, Hispanic, Pacific Islander excluding Asian or American Indian high school seniors or college freshman, sophomores, or juniors pursuing a college degree in the chemical sciences or chemical technology are eligible to apply.

Eligibility: [ The scholarship award recognizes and encourages the academic achievements of full-time undergraduate students pursuing a degree that may lead to a career in the actuarial profession. Scholarships [ Actuary of Tomorrow - Stuart A. Robertson Memorial Scholarship must be full-time students at a U. S accredited educational institution, entering as a sophomore, junior or senior, must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3. For more information or to apply, please visit the scholarship provider's [ Incoming first-year students and college students who graduated the year of the competition are eligible to apply.

Since this is an academic paper, cited sources are expected. You may use MLA or Chicago formatting. The essay length is a minimum [ The recipients should have demonstrated a desire to serve in a career of research, regulatory work, quality control, or teaching in an area related to some aspect of foods, drugs or consumer product safety; should have demonstrated leadership capabilities; and must be [ We understand the financial burden students face and are doing our part to help! AFE has more than 20 scholarships awarded annually to both undergraduate and graduate students. Online applications and supporting documents are due by May 1 each year.

For more information or to apply, please visit the [ To be eligible, spoken communication must be the applicant's primary mode of [ The [ Applicant must be a resident of Alabama, must be enrolling in, or attending, an accredited junior college, technical school or university in Alabama, and must be enrolled in a [ The award provides financial assistance to liberal arts and non-business degree holders who are pursuing both graduate studies in ing and the CPA licensure.

These awards are intended to encourage students with little or no ing education to consider professional ing careers. Although the program envisions selection of a student enrolling as [ Eligible applicants must be a resident of Contra Costa County, be a community college graduate transferring to junior level status at a four-year college or university, demonstrate financial need, be [ Students come to Washington, D. Students must fill out an application, and will be notified by mid-May if they [ ALA Miriam L.

Applicant must be a graduate of an accredited secondary school where she has shown evidence of academic excellence, good [ This is offered to students who will be a junior, senior, or graduate student in an accredited four-year college or university located in Northern California including San [ Stipends available under this program are limited to students attending Alaska institutions of higher education.

Women, under-represented minorities and [ Alice L. Haltom Educational Fund operates exclusively for charitable, literary and educational purposes, especially in connection with the study, research, and dissemination of information, with respect to records and information management and related fields. Students who are U. Citizens and actively pursuing undergraduate and post-graduate degrees related to careers in information and [ The Research Grant Award cannot be used to support a doctoral dissertation.

For more information or to apply, [ Awards [ For more [ Scholarship opportunities further that mission, awarding members a chance to ease the financial burden of their educations by covering some of the associated costs. Scholarship amounts vary each [ Applicants must have a permanent residence in Boone, Ogle, Stephenson or Winnebago County, Illinois and must intend to teach elementary or secondary school.

Must be of at least sophomore standing at a post-secondary institution. Graduate students are [ The fraternity considers good scholastic standing a key measure of its members' success and sense of purpose in college. Criteria [ Applicant must be a member in good standing of a fully participating sorority of the National Panhellenic Conference; a rising [ There are no applications for this scholarship: via audition and testing, the student must prove to be of substantial talent and show promise for continued excellence in music.

There will be a strong focus on incoming freshmen; however, current UAB [ Applicants must be US citizens accepted in a graduate-level program that is accredited by the appropriate therapy profession authority, submit the FAFSA and write a 1 personal statement. Scholarship is offered to children of first responders, in honor of those who served on September You do not have to be a U. Application deadlines are March 1 or September 1.

For [ This program awards students with scholarships to help with post-secondary education financial needs such as [ That is why the organization is so committed to education. The American Legion Auxiliary offers multiple scholarships, so if interested in applying for a scholarship, check out the scholarship links for eligibility requirements, deadlines, and application forms. Applicants must be children of U. The awards are not in predetermined [ For more information or to apply, please visit [ The applicant's course of study must lead to a career in one of the disciplines certified by the American Medical Technologists.

Eligibility: applicant must be a graduate of, or a senior in, an accredited high school G. Anchor scholarships are awarded based upon an equal weighting of academic performance, character, extracurricular activities and financial [ A of general scholarships and donor-named scholarships will be available. Anna B. Spangler Memorial Scholarship fund will award one upper-level, preferably female, student pursuing a four-year degree in the Business curriculum.

Aspiring business student seeks established Austin

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Aspiring business student seeks established Austin