Bangladeshi cute girls

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Four girls from Bangladesh share why ending child marriage matters to them — and why it should matter to us all. Hearing the news, I strongly protested. When I was 14, I was forced into a marriage as I was considered a burden on the family. My husband was 35 - double my age. I am determined to continue my education, practice safe sex and not get pregnant before I am also determined to protect my younger sister from early marriage. After getting married I had to stop studying and face all the challenges that life brings.

I experienced excruciating violence during my marriage because I was so young. After a year I got a divorce from my husband and returned to my family. We are very poor and my parents said they had chosen a boy from the village for me to marry. I did not know where I would go but I knew I wanted to continue my education. So I ran away from my family and went to a local town where I asked for shelter at a hostel.

Although it will be challenging, I hope [that] in the future I will become well-educated and take [responsibility] for our community. Girls Not Brides Bangladesh strongly advises that this provision be dropped. Child marriage cannot protect girls when it deprives of their rights to health, education and the opportunity to fulfil their potential. These stories have been edited and shortened. In the time it has taken to read this article 42 girls under the age of 18 have been married Each year, 12 million girls are married before the age of 18 That is 23 girls every minute Nearly 1 every 2 seconds.

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Bangladeshi cute girls

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