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Get your free cryptocurrency now as part of this special offer. Check for close. Are you closing all your banks, when? There is basically no customer service They want no human interaction. Ocean first or Manasquan savings are times better. This bank is outstanding, the people are awesome. Genuinely, Louise McCloud. I received notice everyone with safe deposit boxes need to move them. Now when you call your local bank you cannot even get a live person Ying Ying: Please review the acct.

I have not had any money from the acct. I do not wish for this to proceed. I need a change of address noted.. Jean sweat Williams hwy. Grants Pass Or My new e-mail is jeansweat charter. Have not received a statement for 3 months. Gooday, My name is Raymond de Weever, a Dutch national living presently in the middle east but retiring very soon my question to you is simple I just want to know if I could open up a savings in your banking system in the USA as a nonresident.

I appreciate your response on this matter Yours truly Raymond de Weever. I have stopped going to this branch of BoA even though I live v close n have been a customer of BoA for 12 years now. Only clients of Vietnamese ethnicity are helped here. Others only get a welcome smile. I was running late n bank would close at 5 n it was 4,40 already— so I had to go to this branch. I have Acc here n brother has Acc too. But no. Conversion of payment to me notification bank of America. Mcleod took time explaining clear but not problem solving please find soon.

These reviews are embarrassing but my experience was similar. I was there with a year-old woman who wanted a very simpler transfer--no one there knew how to help her. I would like an appointment with the manager to take care of this matter.

Please respond since I have tried calling by telephone numerous times to be told by a recording that no one is available. If you guys ar not going to give the money just leave alone Can you give zero stars? Worst bank! Close the drive thru, use the atm they say.

Chase I will be calling you. No public restroom! Without the public, you wouldn't be in business! I want verification my notification of bank of America conversion of payment , and conversion charges is about 2,50, India rupees where is paid and check reality. My experience was horrific. The manager inside informed me that it was too early for her to deal with my issue and refused to be of assistance Constance K? I await the credit to my and then I am promptly closing my acct at BoA thanks to the treatment I received from management- they made a stressful situation - ten times worse.

No wonder they have a low rating. Hi -- when will the B of A at Blithedale in Mill Valley be open again and what will the construction project do? The customer service here is horrible I believe I am a customer of this bank. I I try to update those accts I am seeing a big fluctuation in money and have no notes as to who used what for what thee are only 3 of us on this acct Robert irene Jordan and Rebecca godin any help help I can get would be appreciated greatly thank you.

Is there someone who can me? It is re: depositing a retirement check into my .. After waiting 15 minutes in line one of the male employees opened a window so I could cash a small check. He took the check and then was told he had a personal phone call and he walked away with my check and stood in view talking on the phone. I stood impatiently waiting while patrons who had been behind me in line were waited on and left. He stayed there for another 8 minutes on the before returning with my cash. Totally inconsiderate. Only and automated -unable to proceed if no s there?!?

Would be nice to have an approachable manager via phone to ans questions - then I might open an . Hi I suppose to contact a Brian moynihan about a trust. Information came from a lady named Mrs lucy ramlyn bankof15 aol. Thank you. This branch is pitiful, none of the drive up ATMs work, the front door has been boarded up for over three weeks, what is the problem, or is it this way only because majority of the people that use it Afro American? Why don't you care? Please help me understand! This is the most ridiculous bank ever! The bank is packed with people waiting for service on a constant basis.

If I could rate this location with a negative star, I would in a minute! On my way out teller told me I needed to remove my hat and sunglasses before coming in the building again. Bank of America gets one star from me and that is being gracious. Thx a lot. However please let me know who is now my banking manager, as the former Mrs. Christine B. Schorr Disclaimer The information contained in this communication from the sender is confidential. It is intended solely for use by the recipient and others authorized to receive it.

If you are not the recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying, distribution or taking action in relation of the contents of this information is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful. My experience with this branch. The Customer Service was great. I like the fact that the manager came into the office an introduced herself. Mrs Mcleod took time a explained everything clearly. I think that I am going to like banking with Bank Of America. Hello, I have an at this branch with my husband, we are English and are at present in England for 3 months, I cannot access my online banking, it keeps asking for my SSN which i do not have, I have never had a SSN and I have deleted my cookies on my laptop thinking that was the problem and still it asks for my SSN, please help as I need to access my , my address on my is Poplar Place, North Lake Park, Lake Nona can someone please help with this matter, or give me a to put in for the SSN box.

I wrote rent check and the money was taken out of my Chase bank but BOA put a 15 day hold on it so my landlord couldn't get the money, BOA is a cheap ass bank. I went to this bank to cash a check that was drawn on an at this bank. All my credentials were in order. My bank was too far away. The teller also informed me this was standard protocol at all branches. This didn't make since to me so I called the branch in Olivette. I drove 30 mins. I feel this bank located in N. Louis is trying to railroad people into opening an at this bank which historically has preyed on those in African American communities.

At the First Colonial Road Branch the small business specialist is only interested in how many new s she can open. There is no help with banking issues as this is not even in her wheelhouse to think beyond how many new s has been landed. My visit to this bank today literally made my day.

I wish I knew her name but I hope she will be rewarded for her skill and warm personality. Everytime we go into this bank we leave feeling unappreciated as a long time customer since Went to bank today , Saturday July 21, and it was closed! It is usually open pm. Times were changed on door but I never was told or sent in writing, or that this was coming.

Very unprofessional Do not get a mortgage here, completely incompetent. Been a customer for 29 years. Won't be anymore. They screwed up my mortgage process so bad I went to another bank. What should I have expected, this is countrywide. The company that was the cause of mortgage crisis in I am making complaints to the federal regulatory office on banking practices. I should mention a few names on here, but I will not. But one thing I did do was to add there names to a national do not hire list for mortgage companies.

Have a nice day, you cost me See you in court. This bank needs to fire everyone. But the 1 Spanish lady. The white ladies are ignorant not helpful. Will leave you sitting 45 minutes to an hour to get a temporary card while someone does a whole mortgage their Bank does not take care of their customers.. Not even a hello or can I help.. I have been doing business with Bank of America for over 20 years.

Bank of america lincoln rd miami beach

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