Bare assets key west florida

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I have worked on and off at bare assets since i was I recently stayed in the dancer housing, which is definitely not a dive! If you are looking for good looking girls, stay away from this place. I have been in Bare Assets a few times and each time the quality of the girls gets worse.

Pros: Good Par From family friendly trips with kid friendly activities to local plumbers lawyers, spas, and contractors. Judy's Book. in. Bare Assets Claim. Write review. Key West , FL Incorrect info? Correct your listing. Business Links: Citysearch Profile. Judy's Book 0. Other sources 7. NOT a scam! The staff is awesome, the customers are consistent, and the housing is a fully furnished apartment with an excellent kitchen and in a perfect location!

It may not be everyone's favorite but it is mine! And in no way is it a scam or a dive! Clearly someone has a personal issue with the club or someone who works there, because even if you don't like the club or the housing its impossible to call it a dive! I hope to make it back soon! Reply Report abuse. This place is a scam.

Warning to girls - this club has no business. You will not make money. My friends did not make enough to pay for their traveling expense. This was in mid February - peak of the "season" in Key West. If you take the company housing you will be treated like a slave. The housing looks like a salvation army reject shop. This used to be one of the best clubs in Key West.

What happened? The awful DJ runs people out of the club. The bartender rips people off. I love the service, bartenders are good looking and professional. Beautiful foreign girls and a great set of blonde twins in the mix too! Great for bachelor parties and lots of parking.

I went to this club one evening with my husband and spent a few hours there. I can say it was not a very busy night, and the girls were really great and sweet. I remeber talking to some of them in the bathroom. My husband swears there is some kind of stripper dust that they all wear and it turns him on. LOL Well, secret is Pros: great djs, nice owner, awesome staff Cons: i dont think there are any.. I am a regular at Bare Assets and I love it there. No pressure, friendly girls and the staff is great.

I've been to a million strip clubs in my life and Bare Assets Key West is and will always be my favorite. The staff all became my friends along with a few of the dancers. It's the only club where you can go to relax if you want or live it up. No pressure from the staff or the dancers is a great "asset" to the club. All they need is a coffee machine and I'll spend a lot more time there!!!!! Love all you guys! Pros: Great staff Cons: no coffee more. Pros: Good Parking, Never Crowded more. Summer SALE!!! Go To Teasers on Duval If you are looking for good looking girls, stay away from this place.

Bare assets key west florida

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