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From slavery to present configuration of the U. Co-existing discourses also position Black women as intrinsically strong, capable of protecting themselves from predators, and thus, untouchable by harm unless they allow harm to be inflicted on them.

Derogatory portraits of Black women and their sexuality in popular media play a key role in normalizing their objectification and sexual exploitation in everyday life. Research data presented below show that sexual violence against Black girl and women is pervassive at both the interpersonal and structural levels. In a large survey study, participants reported that, compared to white girls in the same age: Black girls need less protection Black girls need to be comforted less Black girls know more about sex; 1 in 4 Black girls will experience sexual assault before they turn 18; Black women has always resisted sexual violence.

From slavery to freedom, and despite not being protected by the US legal system, they defended themselves against abusive masters and campaigned against their sexual exploitation When Black women reclaimed their bodies, Today, Black women continue to speak up, fight for sexual justice, and the reclaiming of their bodies and sexuality. They are leading movements to end sexual violence as well as are actively engaged in using popular media itself to challenge misconceptions of their experiences with sexual violence, share their stories, as well as name the failure of the state and other organizations to protect them.

The resources listed below features materials to help you learn more about sexual violence against Black women as well as organizations that are doing important work in supporting survivors. The rape documentary by Aishah Shahidah Simmons : drawing from first-person s, research, spiritual and cultural work of Black people in the U.

Providing tools to understand theories and social configurations that perpetuate sexual violence, No! I may destroy you by Michaela Coel : a TV series that tells the stories of experiences of sexual violence and healing of three African millenials living in the United Kingdom. This series highlights the nuances of sexual violence as well as the complexities of negotiating gender, race, sexual orietation, and class in modern UK society.

Surviving R. Kelly by dream hampton : a two parts docuseries that centers the voices and experiences of women who were sexually and mentally abused by R. The docuseries also brings to the forefront systems and power dynamics that enabled Kelly to perpetuate violence against Black girls and women while still thriving in the music industry. Borders of the body: Black women, sexual assault, and citizenship by Toni Irving.

Since WSQ has been an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of emerging perspectives on women, gender, and sexuality. Its thematic, special issues combine psychoanalytic, legal, queer, cultural, technological, and historical work to present the most exciting new scholarship on ideas that engage popular and academic readers alike.

Sexual Violence against Black Women. Domestic Violence. Infographic with text. Learn more. The rape documentary. I may destroy you. Borders of the body: Black women, sexual assault, and citizenship. At the Dark End of the Street. Black women resistance to sexual violence. A Long Walk Home. A Long Walk Home empowers young artists and activists to end violence against all girls and women.

On the front lines of working with survivors of sexual violence.

Black gal sex

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