Cancer gemini friendship compatibility

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Everyone loves to hang out with a Gemini! You are fun-loving, eager to try new things, and always happy to meet people from all walks of life. This is a lively friendship that affords you plenty of fun. And although the two of you are sure to have a few brushes with danger, it will all be in the name of fun. When it does, you can always turn your attentions to one of your other many friends. Aries prefers a straightforward approach. Understand your friend on a deeper level by unlocking their FREE Birth Chart now » Understand your friend on a deeper level by unlocking their birth chart ».

Taurus lends a welcome sense of stability to your life. This practical friend is always ready with a word of encouragement or shoulder to cry on. True, this can be frightfully stuffy when it comes to trying anything new. The two of you might share a common interest in sports like baseball, football, or soccer. If neither one of you is particularly athletic, you could have fun going to concerts together.

You and Gemini have more fun than a barrelful of monkeys -- and are far noisier! Are there any down sides to this friendship? Well, it can be challenging to get a word in edgewise when this friend is holding forth about their favorite subject. Still, neither one of you can stay mad for long and will be back to your old tricks seconds after squabbling. Having lunch with Cancer is one of your pastimes. Nobody puts on a better spread, or knows of finer restaurants. A deep fondness for each other inevitably develops between all the gabbing and noshing.

Of all your friends, you probably have the most affection for Leo. The two of make a game of everything, laughing and chattering as you go. In fact, outsiders may always tell you to quiet down or shut up. The two of you are extremely active and enjoy sports that burn lots of energy. You also love to entertain and could make a habit of throwing rollicking parties together.

The two of you have keen intellects and enjoy discussing books, politics, and current events. Virgo takes everything to heart, which can be a source of strain in your friendship. Be very careful about making offhanded jokes to the Virgin, for your friend can take such remarks very personally. For the most part, though, you can enjoy a fulfilling friendship. Activities like hiking appeal to you both, since Virgo loves the outdoors and you like exploring. This is a friendship founded on fun. Of course, deciding on a movie to watch together could take three hours, since Libra can never make up their mind and you change yours every five seconds.

Ultimately, you may be happiest just closing your eyes and grabbing the first thing you touch. You and Libra are bound to find something interesting in whatever title you find. Scorpio never fails to pique your curiosity. This friend is possessive, while you are free-wheeling. Similarly, Scorpio is impressed by your quick mind and even quicker wit. You can overcome these differences by plunging yourselves into common interests. Although you and Sagittarius are astrological opposites, you make great friends. Of course, there is some tension that exists between you.

Of course -- you both share a passion for travel. Take as many trips as possible! And although the stability your friend seeks would bore you to tears, you do appreciate their loyalty. The two of you can find a middle ground when it comes to leisure activities. The two of you may enjoy rock climbing, as Capricorn loves the outdoors and you like to explore. You and Aquarius have a natural affinity for each other, mostly because you share such keen minds. The difference between you is that Aquarius is able to focus on a single subject for months or even years, while you flit from topic to topic like a bee among flowers.

In this way, the Water-bearer brings an element of constancy to your life, while you keep Aquarius on their toes. This is one of those friendships that present lots of challenges. The two of you have a mutual affection for travel and may enjoy exploring historical cities and seaside towns. Compatibility , Friendship , Gemini.

Cancer gemini friendship compatibility

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Gemini and Cancer Friendship Compatibility