Christian view of online dating

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Ultimately, we date to find the person God has for us, so we can live a life serving Him together. But, sadly, times have changed. Where church used to be the place to meet your mate, it is now one of the least common places to find a romantic partner. One report from BBC News Magazine uses graphs that show the steady decline of church as a place to find that special someone.

Instead, people seem to be looking everywhere but church to find a spouse according to studies. To be fair, this is not always the fault of Christians who are looking for love. Hence the rise of Christians looking for love through online dating. The decision to pursue online dating is a personal one, which is why we are discussing the pros and cons of online dating for Christians.

Online dating continues to grow in popularity, especially for the younger generation. As a result, Christian dating sites are becoming more and more popular. However, there are some cons to online dating for Christians. Ultimately, you must make the decision that is best for you, but here are some things to be aware of as you pray about whether online dating is right the choice. If you base your dating online and offline through this lens, it will help you make wise choices. Consider what godly qualities you are looking for in a spouse; then, look for someone who possesses those qualities — online or offline.

If you pursue online dating, be sure to check out the best online dating apps for Christians to help you navigate the world of online dating. Our service schedule includes Saturday night at p. For more information, go to www. Should a Christian Use Online Dating? But should they? The Benefits of Online Dating for Christians Online dating continues to grow in popularity, especially for the younger generation. Here are some benefits of online dating for Christians.

Expand your options. As we mentioned earlier, it can be hard for Christians to meet other single Christians in their church if the church does not offer a singles group. With online dating, people are no longer limited to just the singles in their congregation. Through online dating, they can meet single Christians across their city who worship at different churches. Search for like-minded potential mates. With online dating, singles can search by preferences, and this is where Christian dating apps are beneficial.

When someone s up for a Christian dating app, it means they are searching for other Christians to date. Singles can also search by location and denomination. Minimizes dating just for the sake of dating. The singles on these dating sites are generally seeking actual relationships and are looking for a future spouse. On the Internet, people tend to only show their best selves. We see this all over social media, and it is especially true for online dating.

Many are not authentic. Sadly, some on Christian dating sites are not even Christians. Financial costs. Most Christian dating apps have costs for ing and maintaining your online dating profile. This means you are expected to pay a monthly fee. For some people, the cost is not worth it. Gives singles a false sense of control.

As Christians, we know God controls our future. But, it is very tempting to think we are in control — especially when we get to pick and choose potential mates through an app. Pray for guidance. Ask God for wisdom. More Posts. More Links. .

Christian view of online dating

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Should Christians Use Online Dating Sites?