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Free classified placement is indeed available in a certain sense. You can obtain classified postings for free, but on the back-end, there is always some kind of charge. It is not an issue, mainly because it is a negligible charge compared to going with and advertising or production firm to market your product or products and services.

Free classifieds occur in the realm of social media or social commerce as it is also called. Free classified monetization is certainly more broad and reliable than it has been in the past. Free classified opportunities are offered through social media.

Social media can be as small as classified or as large as social commerce and trade networks. Online classified monetization is available through certain popular web sites. I shall provide some examples, but please remember that even these networks need to make some money to operate, it is just that they do not charge much at all because their money is made through trade and networking. Want- with popular newspapers have been a revenue source for many years. Ever since newspapers have been circulated, this has been large business.

Now the buy and sell rate is moving at a rapid pace as the internet serves as a profitable platform for this. We want to look at new sources of revenue for a free classified. There are opportunities to take advantage of a variety of online services that offer a free platform for social trade. Now that technology has reached a level of sophistication that cash need not even change hands, buying and selling through free classified platforms has become simple. With services such as PayPal and internet banking, purchases and sales can be completed electronically as well.

First, we have Craigslist. I think that we all know about this site. No platform is better suited to boost free classified revenue than this. The site is based in San Francisco and was started by Craig Newmark. This site has grown to an expanse of sites in the United States and other countries. Virtually any item or service you may wish to post on Craigslist, you may do so for free.

Talk about new sources of revenue for a free classified! The possibilities are virtually endless. This site seeks to be more sophisticated than Craigslist and eBay, which I must say is quite a relief considering some of the problems with the aforementioned sites. From more than 80, sites, Oodle. Oodle actually powers classified sections from social media platforms like Facebook and portholes like AOL.

Founded in , this site prides itself with a focus on safety and the prevention of fraud. It presently boasts over 2. Online classified monetization has never been this wide-open and could serve social media trade-in so many ways that it could be an integral part of the world economy. They screen all questionable posts to assure that they carry impeccable legitimacy and they are indeed truly free. Kijiji is owned by eBay and was founded in Kijiji is a free classified leader in Canada which sees over 10 million users monthly from a list of millions of different goods and services.

They only deal with top-quality sales of goods and services. If your business offers such a level of quality, this may be a new source of revenue for a free classified. Kean believes in the supremacy of direct publisher deals and holistic optimization as keys to effective and consistent ad revenue increases.

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Classifiedads com revenue

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