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By slabbing , May 15, in Marriage and Relationship Advice. I've been officially divorced for almost 2 weeks now after a very long, grueling contested divorce that took over 2 years to become finalized. During all the trials I experienced associated with that mess, I became even more committed to the gospel than before, especially to seeing the divorce process through to its end and doing so the "right way".

What I mean by that is following counsel President Kimball once gave - no dating, no looking about for romance, etc. I even kept my ring on until the very end and then some just to remind me of the choice I made to go about things in that way! Truth be told, I thought it would be awesome and while it is exciting to think about my future and starting all over again eternally with the right person, the human emotion aspect of dating, wondering, wishing, etc It feels like all those crazy up and down emotions back in high school again when you like someone.

I know it's part of the deal of being human and having emotions toward other people but it's seriously so annoying and distracting! So yes, that last comment means I've become very interested in someone and in seeing where things will go her fast, I know! This is my first such interaction since becoming single again so maybe not being used to how this all goes has a lot to do with the emotional upheaval not to mention that this is a long-distance thing, your thoughts and emotions play all kinds of tricks on you when you're waiting for that next contact from the person!

I guess my question is have any of you experienced similar emotions soon after divorce? Is it normal, does it get better to the point of just being a little more evened out and not so up and down? I wouldn't say I'm in a hurry to get re-married but it's definitely top priority for me going forward and I'm not looking to mess around, waste time, "enjoy the single life", etc. I was there. I think what you're going through is normal. I was really ready to get out there and find my next wife. I had to stop and realize though that I needed to make sure I was ok first. I needed to take my time and realize that she was out there if I took my time.

I got involved in some "internet romances" that did absolutely nothing to help my self-esteem. My advice is to take it slow. I know you are not looking forward to "enjoying the single life," but it typically doesn't come around twice so take advantage. Plus most single women, if they haven't been married before aren't looking to jump up to the alter as soon as possible. Take your time and enjoy meeting people that even if they aren't the one, may become good friends.

Yeah, there is still alot of drama even though you are older, it just comes with the territory I suppose. You just have to weed through it and you will find a gem. I think I got lucky because my new wife was someone that I knew growing up and we clicked immediately. But I had to take my time or I could have missed out on the best thing in my life. Don't take baggage from your old relationship into a new one Oh, and make sure your ex can't make your girlfriend miserable.

That is the best thing I ever did. Protect that brave soul who dates you when you have an ex. Do some reading. There are books out there about making the right choice in partner after divorce that are very helpful. I highly suggest lots of reading to avoid making a mistake. Stay prayerfull. I somehow was married 3 months after my divorce. Still very happy. I think you need to be mindfull of all of those involved. Keep your family in the loop. They can often be a good help. Sometimes others can see things you don't see. Love can be blind so trust the Lord and those in your family or friends.

Yes had those same feelings. It's normal. I never liked the dating thing and this hasn't changed even after getting back into the dating scene. The most important thing is to take your time. Make sure you are ready for that next step. There is no reason to rush especially when your divorce was so awful. I know that deters me from any sudden decisions. You'll know when that right person comes into your life whether it's now or 5 years from now.

Good luck to your new boyfriend. Because no one will want to listen to you relate how your OLD baggage is just like mr. We guys HATE being compared to. My ex did this. My ex did that. Don't be surprised when a few of your dates hit the door running. Good luck. I'm just being honest with you. It will take MUCH longer then two weeks to become single again. Also, don't just go running off with singles guys because you can. WAIT till marriage to have sex and you will have an honest man by your side because late in the game, most guys are used to sexual relationships and it may seem like it's not as big a deal.

Just because you have been sexually active for a long time with hopefully ONE man doesn't make the practice right for every one. Don't divorce ALL your beliefs. Stay true to your self and expect others to respect your religious obligations. Remember, you are still married to Christ. Be chase till the right one comes along and that will be your saving grace. I am older and have small kids. The ex found a new man before the divorce was final like months before and now she is living with the guy and no marriage date yet.

Yes we have small kids a 4 and 5 year old kids and it has messed them up a lot. My 5 year old son has asked dad when am I getting married mom already has a new man in bed. I told him that I would like to be married again but I am not looking yet. Then he told me what my next wife needs to be and it is cutie until you realize he is telling dad what he doesn't want dad to do to soon.

His list is my next wife needs to be tall, intelligent, love me and bubb's and Onni my two kids, love trees, hair on her head dad is bald , love chickens, love horses, love being on a farm, dad needs to buy a farm, cows? I think that your feelings right now are normal.

Any positive attention right now will feel good and be welcome. Right after my divorce, a friend shared with me what his therapist told him: You are recovering from an emotional injury. Imagine an athlete with a major injury. He would give the injury time to heal, and then ease himself back into the game. He would go through physical therapy, he would take small steps, and he would practice and stretch the injured muscle. You have to practice and stretch your injured heart. Take small steps.

Ease back in to the game. Talking to your new lady friend is just what you need. Nor did he reference wanting to have sex right away, or divorcing his beliefs. Second, he said absolutely nothing, whatsoever, that would indicate he was going to have sex outside of marriage. In fact, he obviously went out of his way to follow the precepts of the Church regarding chastity, and intends to continue doing so. Your whole post is nonsensical.

Hey all! Wow, I completely forgot about me writing this post beyond the couple of days after I wrote it and the initial responses that were made during that time. Thanks everyone for your input. I guess I'm back with more questions on my mind that are sort of a continuation of the initial issues of dating again after divorce. So the deal is, I'm still looking, still forced to do the online dating thing for the most part I live in Hawaii, SO hard to date here! At least for my age group and what I'm looking for.

I'm hoping to take my kids with me to Utah for Christmas to be with family. Being that this hopefully presents a rare opportunity to actually spend time with and date people I've 'met' and become friends with online, and possibly even see if something might become more serious, I'm definitely looking forward to this trip.

This presents a new dilemma, however. Being that I'll be traveling with my kids, it's almost guaranteed that if I do meet up with someone, there is going to be at least some interaction between my children who are age 6 and 3 and these friends, one of which may potentially become a ificant other. As I was thinking of this tonight, it occurred to me that this is the first time this would occur since the divorce.

ly, my children have 'met' the woman I referred to in my original posting, although just on Skype on my computer. They heard me talk about her in very general terms, mostly being referred to as "daddy's friend".

Also, although that relationship did not materialize into what I had hoped for and ultimately ended, my children were with me over the summer and witnessed me interacting with this person quite a bit phonecalls, texting, in addition to Skype - the point being that they have a sense that dating is something important to me.

So I guess my question is, what's the best way to go about this potential crossing of paths between my two young kids and a potential romantic interest? Pitfalls to avoid with the interactions that could occur? Ways to talk to my kids about it whether beforehand, during, or after the trip? Things not to say or do? Just to give you an idea of a couple scenarios I can see potentially happening - one might involve me traveling to WA on the way to Utah to meet someone also a single parent, of a 3 yr old , possibly staying with friends or on our own at a hotel, and spending a few days there this one seems sticky - 'group' date, with 3 kids woohoo!

Or having my kids stay with a stranger - no thanks! The other scenario would be finally physically meeting and going out with people while in Utah, where I would be around my family i.

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