Dating agency recap ep 9

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Gaedong feels guilty that she feels differently about Soo, and Ma Hoon just has all sorts of issues. I mean, talk about 99 problems. For anyone waiting for The Tale of Nokdu , it has been cancelled due to the Korean national baseball league final playoff game. Follow us on our: Newsletter to keep in touch Twitter for updates, raves, and rants Instagram for reviews and randomness Pinterest for all the pretty and Subscribe on YouTube!

How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be lovely updates at the bottom, so check back in! Recap Countdown: starting soon…. Ma Hoon tells Soo that he will take his marriage case. Soo asks why he changed his heart. Ma Hoon says that this is something that he wants to correct because it is partially his fault that they did not get married.

He did not fulfill his duty as a marriage agent. However, you are not just a noble, you are the King. Do you think that Gaedong will still want to be with you? I will open up the choice, but she will have to choose. You need to win her heart yourself. Soo says that they should keep that he is King a secret.

He will tell her himself when the time is right. Ma Hoon agrees. Ma Hoon agrees and tells Soo to be careful of the 1st Prime Minister before he leaves. While walking off he tells himself that he will protect Gaedong. Cut to Gaedong thinking about Ma Hoon protecting her. She sits up and thinks that Ma Hoon just said not to touch her because they were in danger. She keeps trying to talk herself out of her thoughts on ma Hoon and goes through several hert fluttery moments with him. Ma Hoon comes back and asks Gaedong if she really wants to be a lady?

He says that he will give her the chance. Gaedong thinks about all the flashbacks about how she needs to be a lady and how she wants to go back to Soo. But she looks like she does not want to go back to her old life. However, she tells Ma Hoon that she will not regret learning to be a lady and going to Soo. He tells her to be ready, I am an emotionless teacher.

Then he walks away. Gaedong thinks that, if being with Soo is the place that Ma hoon thinks she belongs, then she will go to him. While walking away, Ma Hoon thinks that the marriage agent should not have any feelings for the client, I should not. Young-soo is incredulous that Gaedong is going to be made into a lady. Ma Hoon says that Soo requests it.

Young-soo calls Soo that douchebag that bankrupted them. Ma Hoon tells him to watch his mouth about Soo, seriously. And it will be easier to make him into a lady than Young-soo. Do-joon comes in saying he agrees. Young-soo is all set to not help out, but then Ma Hoon says he can give him 10 new products, so Young-soo happily changes his tune.

He leaves. Do-joon knows that he will correct her posture and all that, but he wonders why Ma Hoon looks like this. Ma Hoon is all like, um, why? Do-joon says he has Pa-pami when you dig for something but it gets more mysterious about the King. But he thinks that Ma Hoon knows. Ma Hoon ignores the question and asks why Do-joon is sleeping at the flower crew now.

Do-joon just says, wherever he sleeps is his house. Eunuch Jang goes to see Soo in his bedroom. Soo is working and tells Jang that he is not going to hide working from him anymore so he will not search his bedroom anymore. Jang kneels to the floor and apologizes. Soo takes it in stride and tells him to just do his job and keep this conversation secret from the first prime minister. If you are switched then I will be too lonely.

Meanwhile, Daebi is in her room taking medicine and mostly pretending to be sick. She turns on the act full force when Soo comes in to see her. They talk about the woman that should get the yeulyeo award. Daebi is sick because she thinks about how much that woman should get it. Soo says that he will definitely work on that. He will look out for her more. She looks kind of smitten as she sits up to look at him. He leaves with her thinking that he is a much more thoughtful boy than she expected. Soo goes back to his room and tells himself that he will survive there and pave the way for Gaedong to come to him.

Gaedong starts her training. Ma Hoon tells her that if she gets three strikes then she is out, she can never leave the house until she has his permission, and she cannot talk back to her teachers either. But then we cut to her outside the flower crew agency looking at her brother who is picking flowers. The other maid pulls him away.

She thinks that she cleans up during holidays and then takes off her clothing to take a bath while Young-soo prepares a face mask for her. When she gets out, he puts the face mask on her and later on shows her all the things she has to wear. It is a reluctant fashion show as she tries it all on one at a time for Young-soo until he finds one that he likes.

But he upsets her when he says that something is missing, hmm, maybe the face is the problem. The Aunt who wants to get married talks to Do Joon about living there. He asks her if she really has to get married? You should be super happy because you are blocking your daughters future. She leaves politely and we are sent into a flashback with Do Joon and his mother who hid him inside a closet while she had alone time with her lover.

Elsewhere, Ma Hoon meets with his father outside. He tells him that he has to make an appointment with him because he is so busy. Then they start to talk about the prince that died. His father asks him what he is trying to say? Ma Hoon just says that he wants to tell him congratulations. His father says that he will not give him anymore break even though he is his son.

Ma Hoon asks the bodyguard if he is done searching? You can look around more thoroughly, something might come out. The bodyguard says that he does not know what Ma Hoon is talking about and asks him not to be against his father. Ma Hoon asks if he is the son while he is gone? But instead of shaking hands, he pushes up the bodyguards sleeves and sees the scratches on his arm. The bodyguard says it was just a cat. Ma Hoon thinks that he needs to be careful or it will be a tiger next time. A girl noble girl happily goes to her fence and puts a letter in a secret spot.

The bodyguard assassin sees him. She tells him not to make any trouble and actually looks like she might like him? She says that he is handsome when he does not speak. But she also starts to hit her head and wonders what she is thinking. Gaedong sits in front of a huge table spread of food that Ma Hoon prepared for her. He tells her that she can eat it all, but she has to eat it a certain way. She has to have small bites and not make any sound and eat slowly.

Dating agency recap ep 9

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