Dating manly woman

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But even when you allow for same-gender couples and variations in personal preference, plenty of research suggests that the proposition is generally true. Historically, human studies have shown that women with more feminine faces tend to have higher estrogen levels, which are in turn associated with reproductive health. In men, the argument is that masculine-looking faces are associated with stronger immune systems—always a good thing in a mate, especially if that trait is passed on to the kids.

These theories fall under the rubric of evolutionary psychology—the idea that many of our fundamental behaviors have evolved, just as our bodies did, to maximize reproductive success. Then they twirled some virtual dials to make more and less masculine-looking male faces and more or less feminine female versions.

Then they showed the images to city-dwellers in several countries and also to rural populations in Malaysia, Fiji, Ecuador, Central America, Central Asia and more—a total of subjects. It was quite unexpected. at letters time. Getty Images. By Michael D. Related Stories. Already a print subscriber? Go here to link your subscription. Need help? Visit our Help Center. Go here to connect your wallet.

Dating manly woman

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