Does my mother in law hate me

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At all. It feels terrible. Here are 3 steps to making your MIL behave better. Click To Tweet. Does she remember birthdays and anniversaries? Has she bought presents for your baby? Does she clean up after herself? Is she a good cook? Does she smell good? Does she let you stay at her home?

If absolutely nothing comes to mind, why not start with this one: She raised a wonderful son. I wanted to tell her that he was getting plenty of germs from me in other ways, but I kept quiet and rolled my eyes internally instead. I gathered more evidence for this story at my wedding shower when, as I was opening one negligee after another, I got to her gift: a full-length flannel nightie with long sleeves and a high neck.

I nurtured that grudge for two full years after my wedding until something completely unexpected happened. Today I can see that she was probably thinking past the wedding night when she picked that nightie. She must have wisely realized that negligees are not so comfortable for sleeping and that I would get plenty of those at my bridal shower. I now believe she wanted me to be warm and cozy for the coming winter. Even as I write this, I get a little choked up thinking about what I missed because I never got to know her or benefit from her wisdom.

She lived thousands of miles away, and I was too busy making her wrong in the short time we had together. She was resourceful, having raised five kids who became wonderful adults, and she loved her family. When I think about how reliably she sent me a birthday card every year and asked how my parents and siblings were, I realize she also loved me when I ed her family. I gathered evidence and made a case for it, and then I got to be right. Sophia felt the same way. So Sophia delivered messages through her bilingual husband instead of telling his mom directly. Sophia was gushing when she described how wonderful her mother-in-law is now.

I really enjoyed it. So, clearly we communicate well now! What will your mantra be about your mother-in-law? So positive? Once you start gathering evidence for your new MIL-fulfilling prophecy, you might be surprised just how far it takes you. Refer back to your list of good qualities from step 1 for ideas. Wearing gratitude-colored perspectacles could just transform your mother-in-law into a helpful, sweet, loving woman you actually enjoy spending time with in about two weeks.

What positive qualities can you see in your mother-in-law? What could you thank her for? a community of 15K like-minded women who care about having amazing relationships. I was the perfect wife—until I actually got married. When I tried to tell my husband how to be more romantic, more ambitious, and tidier, he avoided me. I dragged him to marriage counseling and nearly divorced him. The man who wooed me returned. Hi, I would just like to say I rarely write comments but was so moved by this that I felt compelled to write a comment. This article really brought out hope in me and made me rethink.

Thanks Laura, so much, from the bottom of my heart. Please write more about M in Law relations because we read your literature and try to implement it, however sometimes things which keep on driving the relationship down are mother in law relations. Please write more about how we can deal with these and also sometimes women feel left alone where their husband never takes their side when it comes to his mother. Would love to hear your thoughts on this matter and how to resolve these situations. Much love for you Laura! You helped me learn what respect means to a man before i got married, thankfully!!

Thank you for the idea for further blog posts! Elyse, that sounds so hard on your marriage to have to care for your MIL. I admire you for your willingness to see the positives in her so you can begin to rewrite that torturous story. They owned property and did business together, and he would often get fed up with her. As the client practiced the Skills with both her husband and MIL, her relationships with them transformed so she no longer felt like a third wheel. I know that your plea to the universe can be manifested and would love to support you in that.

Thanks for that. While I actually have a super-awesome mother-in-law, I found this useful for a lot of people I know, so I shared it. Hope it helps them. Thank you for sharing these tips. I have been resentful of my MIL for a very long time and I want to stop that. I plan to practice these every day!

Thank you for writing this article. I have always had a strained relationship with my mother-in-law, so I found this to be very helpful. However, now that I have married sons, I would like to know what you suggest for improving my relationships with my daughters-in-law. Neither one of them have every asked me to babysit my grandchildren. We have very little in common, which makes it hard to have a relationship with them. We never have time to talk to each other.

I took my daughter-in-law out for dessert at a restaurant and it was very strained. Any suggestions? Great question, Cynthia! I admire you for having the desire to improve these relationships. One of my coaches was surprised and thrilled when her daughter-in-law came to her seeking help with her own marriage. By practicing the 6 Intimacy Skills and transforming her own life and marriage, this coach became a beacon of hope that her DIL wanted to emulate. Now they have a strong bond and are both coaches! I also have daughters in law, and I was thinking that I can do these exact same exercises with them in mind.

Firstly, looking for 5 good qualities in each one of them. Then showing my gratitude to them, for whatever I notice them doing and that means I have to make sure to notice it. Lastly, making a prophecy — such as — my daughter in law really makes my son happy. My daughter in law does her part in taking care of the house and the children.

Sharona, I love your enthusiastic commitment to creating intimacy with your daughters-in-law! I admire your willingness to express gratitude to them and to create those powerful DIL-fulfilling prophecies. I know it will work for you too!

For more tools to make your relationship with them more peaceful and connected, check out my free upcoming webinar: How to Get Respect, Reconnect and Rev Up Your Love Life.

Does my mother in law hate me

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How to Respond to a Mother-in-Law Who Doesn’t Like You