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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD is a mental health disorder that causes a range of symptoms. Medications can help decrease ADHD symptoms in children and adults. In fact, many drugs are available to treat ADHD. While not every person with ADHD takes the same drugs, and treatment approaches can vary between children and adults, the following list of drugs for ADHD can help you talk to your doctor about the options that are right for you.

Stimulants are the most commonly prescribed medications for ADHD. You might hear this class of drugs called central nervous system CNS stimulant medications. They work by increasing the amounts of the hormones called dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain. Many brand-name stimulants are now only available as generic versions, which cost less and may be preferred by some insurance companies. However, other drugs are only available as brand-name products.

Brand names of these drugs include:. Like other stimulants, methamphetamine may increase the amounts of hormones like dopamine and norepinephrine in your brain. It can reduce your appetite and increase your blood pressure. This drug comes as an oral tablet taken once or twice per day. Methylphenidate works by blocking the reuptake of norepinephrine and dopamine in your brain. This helps increase levels of these hormones. It comes in immediate-release, extended-release, and controlled-release oral forms.

Nonstimulants affect the brain differently than stimulants do. In general, it takes longer to see from these drugs than from stimulants. These drugs come in several classes. They may also prescribe them if a person wants to avoid the side effects of stimulants. Atomoxetine Strattera blocks the reuptake of norepinephrine in the brain.

This lets norepinephrine work longer. The drug comes as an oral form you take once or twice per day. This drug is also available as a generic. Atomoxetine has caused liver damage in a small of people. If you have s of liver problems while taking this drug, your doctor will check your liver function. s of liver problems include:. Other forms of clonidine are used to treat high blood pressure.

Guanfacine is normally prescribed for high blood pressure in adults. This drug is available as a generic, but only the time-release version and its generics are approved for use in children with ADHD. This drug may help with memory and behavioral problems. It may also help improve aggression and hyperactivity. Your doctor may suggest other ADHD treatments along with medications. For instance, a article said that changing your diet may alleviate some ADHD symptoms.

A study found that taking omega-3 supplements may also modestly improve symptoms in children with ADHD. However, newer research has found that diet changes may not improve ADHD symptoms. Further research is needed. Talk to your doctor about your drug options as well as the alternatives, such as these natural remedies.

ADHD can last into adulthood. Learn which adult ADHD medications—atomoxetine, methylphenidate, antidepressants, guanfacine, or others—may be best for…. ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder commonly associated with children, but approximately 4 percent of American adults as many as 9 million people …. ADHD's effects on sexuality can be difficult to measure, since symptoms may present themselves differently from one person to the next. Here's a look…. Exercise regularly, start therapy, try medications, and…. Living with ADHD can make things like concentration, organization, and impulse control difficult to manage.

Compare their forms, dosing, and costs to help you decide if one is right for you. Medically reviewed by Zara Risoldi Cochrane, Pharm. Stimulants Nonstimulants Takeaway Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD is a mental health disorder that causes a range of symptoms. These include: problems concentrating forgetfulness hyperactivity an inability to finish tasks Medications can help decrease ADHD symptoms in children and adults. Talk with your doctor. Read this next. Adult ADHD. Medically reviewed by Timothy J.

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Drugs that start with j

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