Greatest moments in hookup history

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Chappelle's Show. Chappelle's Show S1. A local news team reports on the hell that breaks loose when black Americans receive their reparations checks. Dave on "Donahue" - Uncensored. After being part of a panel discussion on angry white men and affirmative action, Dave states his views.

Dave explains why he switched from PC to Apple in his take on the "Switch" campaign. Redman introduces a new product -- and its enzymes will collaborate to clean your stank toilet. What do the diverse passengers in first class really think of each other? Ask a Black Dude - Walking - Uncensored. Roc-a-Fella's Damon Dash has a new feminine hygiene product for those dropping periods.

Dave is honored for his large body of film work, including "Fighting Charlie With Mr. Charlie" and "Little Foot, Long Foot. Mario Cantone answers a question about men's oral sex skills and responds to Dee Snider's tease. When Chad's girlfriend Katie comes to visit, she spends some quality time with Lysol and Tyree. Tron puts Chad in a sleeper hold, and Tyree takes care of Chad's father. Real Movies - "Pretty Woman" - Uncensored. Dave shows what would have happened to Julia Roberts's character in the real world. There's only one place to go when you need to protect your financial future: Wu-Tang Financial.

Real Movies - "The Matrix" - Uncensored. Neo isn't stuck in a computer network; he's stuck in an office prank.

Greatest moments in hookup history

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Great Moments In Hookup History & Ask A Black Dude