Halo reach multiplayer matchmaking cheats

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Armor parts without going online Note: This may only work on the unpatched version of the game. Go to the Forge and then to the Forge World map. Let your Spartan or Elite just stand there for as long as desired. You will get points for the amount of time you are in the level.

When ready, leave the game and you will get points for doing nothing. For three to four hours, you may get at least 3, points. Auto fire With an automatic weapon, crouch and press Select. The gun will fire repeatedly. Avatar Awards Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Avatar Award. Then, access Halo Waypoint and browse your Halo career statistics. Carter's helmet: Clear a Campaign mission under the Legendary difficulty without dying. Jorge's helmet: Earn a Killtacular in Multiplayer Matchmaking mode.

Jun's helmet: Kill enemies in a row without dying in either Campaign or Firefight mode. Kat's helmet: Avenged a teammate's death in Multiplayer Matchmaking mode. Avatar Carter's Helmet Normally, you'd have to complete a level on Legendary without dying to get this. However, you can play up until just before the end and "Save and Quit" on a checkpoint. Then, the game and finish the level without dying for those last few parts.

After you finish, you should get the Avatar unlock pop-up. Campaign teammate dies On the second mission, after you talk to the "rebels" there is a bridge. Run between the rocks and jump off the edge. After a few attempts, one or more of your teammates will spawn down there. You can hehot them with the pistol to make them back up to their deaths. They will remain dead until you run to the next house. Change object colors You can change the colors of certain objects. When holding an object, press X and highlight "Change object color".

Only the Mongoose changes color. All other vehicles do not. Club Errera alternate music Start mission 7 and reach Club Errera. Return to the hospital. Fly to one of the ledges below the normal entrance. You should see a green light at the correct ledge. Activate it and return to Club Errera.

When you walk in, the song "Never Surrender" will be playing. To change the music again, return to your Falcon and fly to the roof of Club Errera. Activate the switch located there to hear the song "Siege of Madrigal" at Club Errera. Countdown: Radio transmissions When playing on Countdown in multi-player mode, find the ramp between the two energy shafts were the Energy Sword is located. Turn towards the rest of the map then move to your right. Exit the room with the energy shaft and move towards the corner to your right by walking across the bridge to the east past the Energy Sword.

Remain at that location until you begin to hear radio transmissions. Note: The radio is in the eastern corner of that location. Crystal armor First you have to the Armor Lock Glitch working. Then get active camo and then you have Crystal Armor. Achievement How to unlock Candy from a Baby 75 points Capture two flags from an enemy capture zone in a matchmade Stockpile game. Crackin' Skulls 45 points Kill 3 players with the Oddball in a matchmade Oddball game. Demo version: Boneyard: Leave boundary In Boneyard, on the ship, there is a staircase with two flights that le from the ground to the ship.

This staircase is on the right side when you are looking at the Elite spawn on Invasion. Walk onto the upper flight of stairs and look at the fence keeping you from falling off the ship. Jump to the lower part of the fence and turn to the open area. Jump onto the part of the ship that hangs over the edge. You are now out of the level boundary.

If there is only one person on the console, if you look at the indicator of where you are bulkhe, under the ship, bridge, etc. Note: You can only walk so far over before you fall off the ship and die. Demo version: Invasion: Plasma turret air drop In Invasion game mode, after the first round where the Elites take control of the ship, the Spartans will fall back to the garage where the warthog is located. Search inside the buildings for a rocket launcher. Take it outside of the garage where the Warthog is found. Look up in the sky. You should see a Phantom hovering the area.

Shoot the Phantom with the rocket launcher. You should see a plasma turret fall down. This turret is usable. Two Falcons will land there. Quickly dispatch the Marines when they land, but seek cover. The Falcon gunners will try to kill you. Run to a gunner, and the message "Hijack enemy vehicle" will appear. Select it to unlock the achievement. Easy Avatar Carter's Helmet unlock Normally, you'd have to complete a level on Legendary without dying to get this. After you finish, you should get the Avatar Unlock pop-up.

Easy credits Set up a game of Forge. Set the timer for 1 hour, then end the game. After "Captain" rank, you will receive just over 4, credits for an hour long game if you win. Repeat the process for easy credits.

Easy JUN's helmet avatar award To unlock this avatar award, you must kill opponents in a row without dying in either Firefight or Campaign mode. To do this very easily, go to Firefight mode and select "Game Settings". Set the "Shield Damage Resistance" to "Invulnerable". By doing this, you will never die, not matter what damage taken. Press B and go to the "Weapon" options.

Set the "Infinite Ammo" option to "Bottomless Clip". By doing this, reloadable weapons never have to reload and plasma weapons never overheat. Start Firefight mode under any difficulty setting. You can kill enemies in a row without dying easily.

You can use the helmet by going to "Customize Avatar" and selecting "Avatar Awards".

Halo reach multiplayer matchmaking cheats

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