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Investing in the best above-ground pool pump will dramatically improve the overall quality of the water in your pool. By circulating and also filtering your water, a good pump gets the water moving around the pool evenly, and it also ensures your water stays free of debris and germs. Why allow that to happen?

The motor spins the impeller in the pump, and this directs water to the filter. The housing then sucks the water in and channels it toward the impeller for a constant flow. This will allow you to accurately assess the market and determine which pumps look like the smoothest fit for your above-ground pool. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you.

Our overall favorite in our quest for the best above-ground pool pumps comes from the legendary Intex. The Krystal Clear line of pumps come in a range of configurations to suit all above-ground pools. This is part of a sand filter system, giving you a low-maintenance approach to purifying your pool water. Choose preset cycles from 1 to 12 hours for your push-button convenience. Circulation will also be improved for across-the-board benefits.

The vast bulk of user reviews of this pump are positive, but we found several complaints about the quality of the thre on the hoses. This flashpoint set aside, most users sing the praises of the Intex pump.

This pump is specifically deed for use with above-ground pools. The pump is meant for Intex pools. The air release valve onboard helps if any air gets trapped inside the filter chamber. If you scour through user reviews for this pool pump, they are universally positive. The complaints we found mention the absence of an auto shut-off valve, but this is hardly a deal-breaker. In most areas that count, this above-ground pool filter delivers in fine style as you would fully expect from Intex.

Alongside Intex, Hayward is one of the other brands with a heavy presence in the pool space. This powerful little pump punches above its weight and shows why this manufacturer has such a solid reputation. You get plenty of scope since this pump will work with both above-ground pools and on-ground pools unlike some of the Intex-specific pumps we review today.

Build quality is robust and the chassis is corrosion-proof. This thing will stand up to years of use without degrading at the hands of the elements or the chemicals in your pool water. Under the hood is a cycle motor. This is a single-phase unit developing 1. Thermal overload protection is a welcome touch and will help ensure you get the longest possible lifespan from this pool pump. This will shut down the motor until it cools sufficiently, at which point it will automatically restart.

For anyone looking for a powerful and no nonsense pool pump capable of efficiently circulating and cleaning your pool water, Hayward hits another homer here. Next in line comes another Hayward pool pump exhibiting the trademark build quality and performance you would expect from this powerhouse. Many people find themselves put off investing in a swimming pool for fear of complicated set-up and maintenance. Use the swing-away knobs to quickly and easily remove the strainer cover with no need for any tools, and without straining yourself.

The debris basket is large enough to stop you needing to continuously empty it. Again, convenience should always be uppermost in your mind when comparing the best above-ground pool pumps. Small touches like this make all the difference. A self-priming pump, this is one of the easiest-to-use models in a crowded segment of the market. All Hayward products tend to be well-reviewed, and this pool pump is no exception. What negative blowback we could find mentioned the disappointing lifespan of the bearings on this pump.

The best thing? This pump is also priced very competitively, so what are you waiting for? Next up in our collection of the best above-ground pool pumps comes a powerful yet compact model from the highly reputable Harris. This is a potent 1. The stainless steel shaft of the motor is built with long lifespan in mind. This is covered by a chassis made from thermoplastic. This pump is also quite compact measuring just 22 x 8 x The strainer basket has an easy access twist-and-lock lid.

You can also see through the transparent lid making it easy to see when you need to empty the basket. A few disgruntled users have reported issues with suction when using this pump in tandem with a pool vacuum. They complain about a drop in pressure. If you decide against the Harris, we have plenty of suitable alternatives, both above and below. We return to the mighty Hayward stable next with the Power-Flo Matrix pump. How does this unit stand out, then? Sounds good, right? Read on to see how this pump shapes up. You can choose from multiple configurations with this pump. The model we review is rated at 1.

The precision-engineered impeller has extra-wide openings to minimize the chance of any leaves and larger debris clogging up the works. The drain plug baked in allows you to winterize this pump with ease, completing a winning package from an industry specialist at a lower price point than you might imagine.

See what you think of this excellent pool pump. Overall efficiency is first-class. You get a heat-resistant seal and a rear-mounted switch that helps you to keep the quality of your pool water immaculate without drawing down too much power. DE pool filters and pumps are the gold standard of filtration. This model sits in the middle of the range and comes packing a 1. The extended cycle DE filter not only cleans with surgical precision, but it also get the job done quickly.

The filter is capable of removing filters down to a size of 1 or 2 microns on the first pass through the water. Even better, a bump mechanism built in allows these tubes to automatically and continuously clean themselves. This pump is solidly built, corrosion-resistant, and built to withstand some heavy punishment and continuous use. Another entry from the ever-reliable Harris up next as we push to the end of our pool pump reviews. The shaft of this pump is made from stainless steel, giving you all the strength and durability you need to get things started strongly.

Running on volts, this pump is intended for use in North America. If you run on volts, this is unsuitable for your needs. With 1. As well as running with extreme efficiency, this is another super-quiet pool pump. Kick back on your lounger with crystal clear water around you without any concerns about background noise bothering you. For a powerful, energy-efficient, and long-lasting pool pump from an industry heavyweight, look no further.

If you have an above-ground pool at home, you need the right pump to prevent the water stagnating, and to keep it germ-free. To lead off with the weak point of this pump, several users report that the pressure is something of a disappointment. The good news? This is about the only drawback we could find when scouring a sea of positive user reviews.

Hook up my pool pump

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