How to be a good citizen in society

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We should all aspire to be good citizens of our country, and of the world. The concept of citizenship was born in the city-states of Ancient Greece; specifically, in Athens. Greek education at the time was deed to instruct citizens in the values, intellectual frameworks, and habits-of-mind required to be free men.

That is, to actively participate in the political system that shaped their lives and guaranteed their freedoms. It brings with it both privileges and obligations. I would argue that we each have a duty, or an obligation, to be good citizens. After all, a nation is only as healthy as its individual citizens. Patriotism is having and showing devotion for your country. It means having an attachment to certain national cultural values and showing critical loyalty to your nation. Some ways to show patriotism include the following:. At the same time, keep in mind that patriotism should not be confused with nationalism.

Nationalism is thinking of your nation as being superior to others, and worthy of dominance. Patriots are proud of their country, but they understand that other people are also rightly proud of theirs. Look at the words of a church hymn written in by the American Lloyd Stone to the melody of Finlandia by the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius :.

This is my song, Oh God of all the nations, A song of peace for lands afar and mine. This is my home, the country where my heart is; Here are my hopes, my dreams, my sacred shrine. But other hearts in other lands are beating, With hopes and dreams as true and high as mine. Imagine what your country would be like if all its citizens strived to achieve these personal qualities.

Start by adopting them yourself. There are two ways in which you can develop the characteristics listed above. The way in which he planned to achieve this was by creating a list of 13 virtues. He also created a plan for developing those virtues. I recommend you do something similar. They were rules for comporting oneself in a way that would be respectful of others, and of the self. Look through the rules and come up with your own set of rules of behavior.

A good citizen contributes to their nation by being productive. Good citizens share their skills, talents, and abilities with others. They make a positive contribution to their nation. A good citizen is active in their community. They participate in the social life of their city or town, and they look for ways to make their communities a better place to live. That is, if they see a problem in their community they look for ways to solve it.

Instead of being cooped up in your home glued to a technological device, get out there and become an active member of your community. It will make you a better citizen. Read to educate yourself about the important issues facing your nation. In , John Adams implied that one of the reasons to emphasize literacy is that it makes people better citizens. Look at the following quote:. I must judge for myself, but how can I judge, how can any man judge, unless his mind has been opened and enlarged by reading? A good citizen remains vigilant in order to ascertain that the government is doing all of the following:.

To do this, a citizen must have the basic skills necessary to be able to assess arguments logically and critically. In addition, if a citizen believes that the government is overstepping its bounds or failing in its duties, the citizen must speak up.

In the words of Thomas Jefferson:. If you want to be a good citizen, you should be politically active. There are many ways to this. Here are some ideas:. Help shape the citizens of the future by mentoring kids. Some ideas on ways you can mentor kids are the following:. A while ago I published a post on how to leave a legacy. The third point in this blog post indicates that a good citizen has to be productive.

However, a good citizen should also be well-rounded. A well-rounded person is better at creative problem solving and innovation than a person who is not well-rounded. Your home is a microcosm of your country. If you want to live in a clean, healthy, prosperous, happy nation, start by creating these circumstances at home.

Start small- create order at home. Good homes lead to good neighborhoods, which lead to good cities, which lead to good states, which lead to good countries, which lead to a good world. I, for one, am making an effort to be a good citizen of Panama, and of the world. How about you? Live your best life by being a good citizen. Marelisa Fabrega is a lawyer and entrepreneur. You can learn more about her here. This site rocks the Classic Responsive Skin for Thesis. A Good Citizen is Patriotic. Read up on social studies. Obey the rule of law. Pay your taxes.

Learn the national anthem. Travel around your country and talk to your fellow citizens. Look at the words of a church hymn written in by the American Lloyd Stone to the melody of Finlandia by the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius : This is my song, Oh God of all the nations, A song of peace for lands afar and mine. A good citizen loves their country—a good citizen is a patriot.

Model the Personal Qualities of Good Citizens. The personal qualities of a good citizen include the following: Honesty — tell the truth. Integrity — be morally upright. Responsibility — be able for yourself and your actions. Respectfulness — treat others how you want to be treated. Kindness — be friendly. Tolerance — be tolerant of other races and religions. Courtesy — be considerate of others. Moral Courage — stand up for what you consider to be wrong and defend those who cannot defend themselves.

Love of Justice — be fair and ask that others be so as well. Be a Productive Member of Society. Be Active In Your Community. Here are some ways to be active in your community: Shop locally. Attend community events — keep your eyes open for events that are happening in your area such as festivals, community theatre, a gallery opening, and so on. Here are some ways to better your community: Participate in a community-driven cleanup project.

Help plant a community garden. Organize a campaign to raise money for new playground equipment. Help out your neighbors. Keep Yourself Well-Informed. Books on important world issues. Biographies of people who have helped shape the world. History books. Be Vigilant. A good citizen remains vigilant in order to ascertain that the government is doing all of the following: Meeting its obligations to its citizens; Acting appropriately within its sphere and jurisdiction; and Adhering to the limits of state action.

Here are some ideas: Identify an issue you care about and pursue it. Attend rallies and events. Go to city council meetings. a political organization.

How to be a good citizen in society

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