How to know if the police are watching you

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Bad guys watch your every move to identify the times you travel and the routes you take to determine their attack points. Jim P. They have their noses in their phones. The rapist who knows your daily routine? The first phase of any criminal or other type of attack is information collection. One or more bad guys will follow, observe and track every movement of the target, aka YOU.

That means they want to know where you are staying, where you work, your modes of transportation, the routes you walk and drive, where you dine, and who you dine with. They want to know everything about you. Timelines, routes and destinations can be collected by both technical and physical surveillance. The first weapon in their arsenal is your routine, and your first line of defense is varying or shifting that routine.

Instead of following a regular, predictable routine, always change it up. Break down your routines into three dimensions — time, routes and destinations. These must all be altered on a regular basis. Constant changes make targeting difficult. Physical surveillance is an art, and it takes a considerable amount of training for a team to be effective. Criminals or terrorist are often sloppy and easy to spot.

This type of surveillance is often short-term and is used by a trained team for pre-attack, pre-capture or pre-arrest. An untrained team may employ this technique and compromise themselves early due to overly aggressive tactics. Active surveillance consists of constant foot and mobile shadowing of the target by single or multiple surveillant s with hourly activity. A trained or untrained surveillance team may use passive surveillance during an initial pattern of life analysis, or when discretion is paramount.

Passive surveillance consists of static surveillance by single or multiple surveillant s staged at particular points of interest e. Typically, no actual following of the target takes place. In mobile surveillance, the bad guys follow the target whenever the person moves. This can be done either on foot or by car.

For good measure, a conspicuous display of poor demeanor, or the person acting unnaturally, is another that you might be under surveillance. When it begins to tingle, pay attention! In addition to garden variety criminals, if traveling abroad for business, you could be targeted by an intelligence agency, a security service, or for that matter, a competitor, if you have knowledge of or are carrying sensitive or proprietary information.

This includes repeated contact with a local or third-country national at social or business functions who is not connected with your business interests or the purpose of your visit. You also need to be careful about forming a closer relationship than necessary with a foreign national of a hostile host government that goes beyond necessary business purposes. If you have any reason to believe that you are being targeted by a criminal, intelligence or security service, or terrorist group, there is only one course of action to follow: report your suspicions to the local authorities when in the United States.

When traveling abroad, report it to your company, affiliate, embassy or consulate, then follow their guidance. Thanks for warning us and sharing these guidelines. It is going to be usual in my life and others around me. Tags: physical surveillance. Winnie Kaggwa Posted at h, 31 October Thanks for warning us and sharing these guidelines.

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How to know if the police are watching you

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