How to scare people away

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But our brains are still wired for that chase. A thrill ride puts you in touch with your primal self: You get the rush of being scared without the stampeding woolly mammoth. Why in the name of Linda Blair do we do that? But a newer idea is that we can feel both positive and negative emotions at the same time: Some of us seriously enjoy being scared.

A fear of being up too high is good for you -- it keeps you from playing hopscotch at the edge of a cliff. But taken too far, it can be irrational and unhealthy. But if the fear is so strong that it causes a problem with your job or keeps you from visiting family, you may have aviophobia. It starts with a panic attack -- sudden, intense fear -- on a plane.

It may happen after a major life event a wedding, funeral, or divorce, for example. Your cortex is trying to reason with your fight-or-flight reflex controlled by your amygdala. Sometimes, the amygdala just wins. Feel lightheaded or faint when you think about getting a shot or see blood?

Some may have had a lot of blood tests or allergy shots as children, but not everyone has a reason for this fear. A bang! Humans are more aware of things that can cause immediate harm. That was once a good thing. But in the modern world, we may not even think about the biggest dangers to our survival, much less be afraid of them.

Hint: More people die of heart disease than shark attacks. The fear and superstition linked to black cats is a pretty recent -- and mostly American -- thing. Fear of an aggressive dog is a good thing. But intense fear of every dog, no matter how small or unthreatening, could be a of a phobia. Exposure therapy helps some people get past it. A mental health professional puts you near a dog for a short time, in a safe place, and then slowly brings you closer for longer periods. Mental Health Slideshows.

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How to scare people away

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