How to talk to boyfriend about future

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I remember my first date with my boyfriend. We spent six hours at a restaurant talking and laughing like old friends. We only ended the date because my mother and sister were frantically texting and calling me, afraid that I had been murdered. Because, really, who goes on a six-hour first date? Dating then becomes an experiment: pulling one skeleton out at a time and evaluating how each partner reacts.

These are only a few of the questions that every couple must answer as they grow in their lives together. However, discussing the future can be terrifying. I was recently out to dinner with a friend who was preparing to celebrate her two-year anniversary with her live-in boyfriend.

The root of the fear was simple:. The answer is, depending on the circumstances, maybe. And therein lies the fear. That depends on whether or not you are able to navigate your differences with compromise. But I can say there is a way to make the process less intimidating. Their names have been changed to protect the innocent, although how funny would it be if that were their names?

I mean, really. John and Jane had been dating for 10 months and were contemplating moving in together. Jane, familiar with Dr. Upon meeting them, Jane immediately began to tell me her thoughts on Dr. He was flooded. I needed to do something to make this session less anxiety-provoking before poor John passed out. Normally, I begin my sessions with a brief overview of the Seven Principles, but given that Jane had already done that for me, I decided to do something a little different.

If Jane answered more questions, John would have to give her a foot massage. If John answered more questions correctly, Jane had to cook dinner that evening. It was on! The purpose of the game was to get my couple to loosen up; however, it also helped them start to talk about their hopes and dreams for their future together. I personally find it helpful to begin and end with cards from the Romance pile, to help them ease in and out of the conversation on a high note.

In the end, John and Jane were able to examine and discuss important areas of their relationship without the fear and anxiety that usually accompanies these discussions. John may have scored more points, but their relationship was the real winner. She lives in South Florida with her boyfriend and beloved Chihuahua. Search for:. As a relationship progresses, each partner will begin to wonder where the relationship is going. Are we going to move in together? Do they want to get married? Do they want children? How do they handle their finances? How are we going to handle the holidays?

How to talk to boyfriend about future

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