I love my girlfriend but i want to be single

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Yes, I know it sounds selfish. In some moments I just want to feel the taste of freedom again. Hang out with the guys, do one-night stands, do not feel any responsibility, and just do what I want to do at that moment. I know that most people want one person who means the world to them. Like I do. I have her and I know I need to be happy because I have a person like her by my side. Feeling that goes through me is just something that says I need a little space. When I mention the phrase I love my girlfriend but I want to be alone in front of someone, I always feel a dose of judging.

Also, I know that they feel the same pressure of the environment. She is a very lovely, smart, attractive, funny person, everything I want. I just feel sometimes that I would be more grateful to have her if I see how it is to be with the wrong one.

Also, I know that if we take a break or if we get a little bit distanced she will maybe never go back to me again. From another perspective the grass is always greener on the other side. Another thing that goes through my head is that she will find someone else or she will feel better without me. Because of that, I keep it to myself.

If you are in a situation like this and you are in doubt like I am. If there is not something else in the game. Just realize how happy you are because you have someone who is only yours. How many other people would change hundreds of people for one-night stand, parties, crazy nights, just to be with the person they love. You must realize how lucky you are. Take time, rest your head, think about it for a little bit longer.

Human brain is very powerful. So be careful what you think and what is going on inside your head. In a situation like this you must discover what you really want. You need to ask yourself what you feel inside. Listen to your inner voice. For me, this is what I decided:. I realized how happy I am to have her. To have her support, love.

She makes me complete in this crazy world where is so hard to find love, loyalty, happiness, everything that she means to me. Because in these times when everything and everybody is fake, this is a real treasure. I know my brain sometimes makes the situation in my head that maybe is not true or correct. I hope that I will never think again I love my girlfriend but I want to be single.

When your head is cold and your heart is warm, then you have perfect balance in your body and life. Be happy, love your person, take care of her, keep her close, make her feel loved, wanted and special because she is. How to survive a long-distance relationship? Sharing is caring! Facebook Twitter .

I love my girlfriend but i want to be single

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