I wanna fuck my girlfriend

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Imagine yourself lying next to an incredibly beautiful woman. Just looking at her gorgeous body makes your heart thump and the fact that you can call this godsend creatur e your girlfriend makes you cry tears of joy. She is smart, she is beautiful and she has the most beautiful woman you have ever seen.

Your balls already turned into an unhealthy blue, you beat one every night and every morning you wake up with an erection with which you could stab a moose. She lies next to you pointing her body towards you, without even thinking about opening her mouth or spreading her legs for you.

You end up being nice and that sucks in the same way as going to bed with blue balls. How can I keep up with her? Because you found this article and therefore you belong to the select group of men who will realize the uncomfortable truth that your sex-less relationship is your mistake and that it is your responsibility to turn your relationship into a never ending fun.

I know that it is a hard pill to swallow , but there is only one reason for your sexual frustration that is not directly related to your own inability soon to be ability to get what you want…. Maybe you won the negativity lottery and you found the one out of hundred who is actually asexual.

If you were unlucky enough to end up in a relationship with such a girl and she was unfair enough to not tell you about her little issue, the only advice I can give you is to end the relationship. But you can still get out. You save her and yourself a lot of pain if you end it as soon as you find out about her asexuality.

I know that it sounds brutal, but if you are a heterosexual man with a normal or even high sex drive, you will end up miserable and you will cheat on her if you can even call it cheating. What you can do instead is to punch your ego right in the face and accept that women yes, your girlfriend is one of them love to have sex.

I want it more than anything else! I can only thank the universe that you are one of those guys who have the courage to accept that it is your responsibility to make the v of your beloved girlfriend wetter than the Mississippi. In case your name is not Sebastian I want to deeply apologize for fantasizing about your girlfriend.

Unfortunately, this is an assumption that a lot of guys tend to make. If your girlfriend stopped jumping in bed with you, you probably stopped seducing her. What can you do if you belong to the group of retired seducers who flushed their sex life down the toilet by being lazy? Accept that the seduction never ends and act according to this belief. She wants to be seduced and it is your job to give her what she needs. Remember your first date, the first time you had sex and the first time she looked into your eyes while she told you that she loves you.

Do what you did back then. Give her compliments, hold her in your arms, kiss her with passion, tell her that you love her and caress her whole body as if every second you touch her would give you pleasure. Give her the passion, the excitement and the love that she needs and she will be more than willing to give you what you want.

I am pretty sure that you took a shower, got rid of your furry beard and that you put on the best shirt you could find in your closet. In other words, it is your freaking job to show her what a handsome guy you are. All you have to do is to show her the best version of yourself. You might get angry at me for saying this, but if you are really honest to yourself you know that being 30 kilos overweight, walking around in sweatpants and smelling like a rotten rat is not the definition of your best self.

Do you really think that she wants to have sex with you after you have tried it a couple of times? Maybe later? Just ask her and have an honest conversation about your sexual fetishes and preferences. At first the conversation might be a bit awkward, especially when you never talked about those things, but eventually your relationship will improve. Apparently a lot of men have never heard about the concept of brining a woman to come before you put your dick inside her.

This is quite sad and it can also be the rational explanation for your sexless life. They want to have the whole package. I know that you are happy as soon as you put your dick inside her and that you are even happier when you pull it out after you are done, but for a woman there is more to sex than the act itself. She expects you to get her into the mood and she wants you to turn her on, before you take her clothes off. The process of undressing her, throwing her on the bed should take longer than five minutes.

If she knows that you are a man who only cares about his own needs and not about her desire to have some action before the thrusting, her motivation to spread her legs for you will be very low. Oh, and being good at this whole foreplay thing is especially important if you are a man who tends to come very fast.

A woman who just had fun. I know that this is a brutal question, but in the eyes of a woman you are only worthy of sex if you are willing and able to lead her. Women are not attracted to followers, they are attracted to leaders. In case you are a needy and insecure follower who forces her to take over the leadership, she will have zero desire to have sex with you. Be honest and ask yourself if you are the one who wears the pants or if you force her to wear them while you are running around in pink skirts. Before she lets you do that, you have to lead her emotionally and psychologically.

You do it with empathy, love and with the help of the two balls that are dangling between your legs. Make decisions, speak your opinion and live according to your values. Once you are doing this on a regular basis she will follow you in the bedroom.

Where have you been all the time? I was waiting for you…. I have done the same throughout my four year relationship with my ex-girlfriend. While you think that watching movies is a great way to get rid of your sperm without cheating on her, she probably feels as if you would cheat on her every single night.

For women it can be harder to cope with an emotional infidelity than with a physical one. Addiction might not be as life-threatening as an addiction, but it has the power to destroy your sex life and your relationship. Yes, that includes every form of cheating , even the psychological one. Have an open conversation with your girlfriend and promise her and yourself to concentrate your sexual energy on her from now on. I already spoke about the dilemma you are faced with when you have completely different fetishes than your ificant other.

Now I am going to tell you that not only your fetishes but also your way of lovemaking have an influence on her desire to ride you like a pony. I am not going to say that every woman is into vanilla sex and wants to be touched with velvet gloves. I am not that naive. There are times when a woman wants to get it rough as possible and there are times when she wants to make sweet love with you.

Instead of sleeping with her the way you want and assuming that she likes it, you should her the way she wants it. Believe it or not, but this will increase her desire to have the same experience again and again. This might sound like a typical Yoda line, but it is actually a very powerful way of getting your sex life back. Observer the mood she is in, adjust your behavior and your way of leading to her mood and respond according to her emotional state. I still remember the conversation I had with one guy at a party who found out about my blog.

He told me that my true sex stories are really inspiring, but that he could never have such adventures with his girlfriend. The moment he said that I wanted to do THIS and if the women in the room would have heard what he said to me, they would have done the same:. The possibility of having a crying man in my arms was simply too high. A couple of days later he thanked me via WhatsApp. Maybe you hurt her so bad that the thought of having sex with you is not that tempting. You might not care if she drove over your mother, as long as she has a perfect as and is willing to ride you, but she cares about stuff like that.

She is at the peak of her arousal. Before you are ready to take care of her you have to take care of her emotional well-being. Right when you remember that killing her hamster Freddy by pointing the vacuum cleaner at him was not the best idea you ever had, you can start to heal her emotions. Apologizing once is enough. Cuddle, hug and kiss her as much as you can. Once the funeral is over you have to show her that being together with you is actually quite fun.

Once you proved that you are fun to be around, she will soon remember that there was a time when it was fun to be on top of you. The fastest way to make her lose respect for you is to fail every single one of her tests. And there are a lot of different sneaky ways that your girlfriend tests you with.

I wanna fuck my girlfriend

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