Impressing a guy

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Subscribe To Our Newsletter! How to impress a guy? If you are serious about impressing a man, you need a strategy. In the least a few simple take action strategies that are going to take you to the top. According to E-Harmony there are chicks that simply impress guys and others that are attractive to men. Bottom line — A guy prefers a girl that can state her opinion, listen, and disagree with an open mind and not get all bent out of shape.

Without getting too complex, men develop hobbies and women relationships. He loves cars, golf, skiing and guitars. She should like to hook up with girlfriends, talk with other gals about her hobbies and interest. Holy crap that sucks. If you can be beautiful in your skin without all the extras, you are most certainly to impress the guy that matters.

Old-fashioned traditional is beautiful. But a girl that chooses to focus on the positive no matter how crappy things get, is magical, according to Glamour magazine. If you are looking to seek space from your guy then you are on the wrong track. Gals that insist on having personal space, are already rejecting their chances of impressing a guy. End of story. If you have the deep intelligence to inspire, motivate and educate, you are leagues ahead of the rest of the flock.

Life is all about learning by making mistakes. This one is pretty straight up. If not, you might as well hit the road right now, seriously. Sure, you need to love who you are but you need to make sure you are listening to your guy and not yapping nonstop about you and your issues. Getting attention by portraying the typical dumb blond is an ultra bad move.

Silly is okay sometimes but pretending to be a klutz is NOT. Bottom line, this is just plain disrespectful. Just excuse yourself and apologize after. If, however, you are snap chatting and answering text messages and phone calls all the time, you are communicating to your date, they are not important and they should run far and fast.

Sure, a little bit of yearning is a good thing, but taking action to try and make a guy jealous is silly. If you are craving a burger, make sure you tell him. When he asks you a questions, just answer it honestly. The more open your mind, the better.

Contrary to what many people believe, guys really are quite complex and really like to just keep it simple. If you pull this, you are going to be a very lonely woman. This just means, set your social media s off to the side on occasion so you can give him your undivided attention in real life. Experts from Psychology Today say you should leave your past in the past if you are looking to impress a guy. Overdoing it is a recipe for disaster. Okay, maybe a little more than that is in order.

Translation…this means flaws and all. On the flip side, if you want to NOT impress a guy, here are a few pointers to help with that quest. All Womens Talk relationships experts shed bright light on tips, tricks and in-your-face pointers that will send men running far and fast. Talking trash about other women, acting like a sucky baby and expecting the guys to always cover the tab are surefire ways to turn him off fast.

Experts report, men are interested in women that are interesting. If you are irrationally jealous, you are going to totally turn off men. What this does is show you are insecure and have no confidence. Newsflash — Men are attracted to women that are confident in their skin and can hold their own. Knock it off if you really like the guy. Sorry but true. Sorry, this one drives me totally nuts! If you are constantly baby taking ,you are setting yourself to look immature and idiotic — Total turnoffs. Guys want a woman that is interesting and passionate.

Sure, you want to spend every second with your new and exciting man. Just trust me on this one, you are wise-owl smart to make sure you still have interests outside of your relationship. You need to let a man be who he needs to be. Let him keep doing the things he wants and he will love you oodles. Couples thrive when they have outside interest. Give him a nice long leash and he will be impressed. Shows you are so worried about what other people think, you have to dish other women to feel better about yourself — Eek. If you are a drama queen, you are weak and insecure in the eyes of every man on the planet.

If you want a player, have fun! All quality relationships start with two people getting to know each other on a basic level. Try to keep it light and positive upfront or it WILL be a reason to be turned off. If you are acting like a little-miss-bossy, you are in big trouble! Talk about living in the olden days. Sure, you have feelings for your new man but you need to be wary of the fact you might slap him with a little too much too soon.

No doubt a total turnoff is if a women wants to spend every second with the new guy in her life. Eek — This one is pretty self explanatory. When it comes to impressing your man, you need to take it cool and easy. Let the past go, focus positive and use these tips, tricks and strategies to draw in the man YOU deserve.

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Impressing a guy

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12 Ways To Impress A Guy