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Poems for Ephesians is a journal of poetry that leaps out of the images, ideas and inspirations of the Book of Ephesians. These poems, which are the expressions of the poets themselves, do not necessarily reflect the views of McMaster Divinity College. This web-journal is an on-going project presented by D. His most-recent book of poetry, Angelicus , consists of poems written from the point-of-view of angels. Follow these links to his website www.

Courage, my Soul, now learn to wield The weight of thine immortal shield. Close on thy head thy helmet bright. Balance thy sword against the fight. See where an army, strong as fair, With silken banners spre the air. Cease, tempter. None can chain a mind Whom this sweet chordage cannot bind. Half the world shall be thy slave — The other half thy friend. Andrew Marvel — is an English Metaphysical poet. The shield, helmet and sword in the opening of this poem, and the conflict throughout, relates to Ephesians Dear Jesus, we survived a year in a world weary of its capacity for disaster— economic recession, a pandemic of asphyxiation, the loss of millions— no one knew how it began, how it would ever end, whether we might vanquish a virus with variants when our makeshift clinics run out of ventilators.

The world and its catastrophes tilts in darkness: Every solo hour of the day yields enough trouble— we need not ever seek flame: there is famine and fire throughout the land flooded by a ruthless storm of unknowing that arrives with misery in the night. God put the world on pause— and for what purpose? To draw near to Christ, who draws near to suffering, who endured afflictions while ministering on earth. Say there comes a day after a year in the anthropause when Jesus shows up, yet no one is watching? Maybe the world will pay attention at last: righteousness shall blossom: the oppressor will no longer oppress: hungry hearts shall be fed by an avalanche of love, as the apostle says: for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world.

We shall serve as humble agents under the mercy, spreading the fragrance of Christ wherever we go. Bless our eyes to see, our tongues to sing, our ears to listen, our hands to heal, and soles of our feet going into this world of tumult, war, and disaster. The scriptural quote in this poem is from Ephesians Her work has recently been featured on Kingdom Poets. It is light.

The love has remained capitalized, an effect I find something of an earned appearance and purchase for my poetry these days. Did I actually just confess that remote intentionality, that aesthetic —————— denial-and-removal-turned-allowance?

It hangs, like history, in the Vatican Pinacoteca. These Baroque artists knew how to collapse the inside-outside within canvas ——— with the real outside—of our evolving world. He helms Squircle Line Press, and can be found at: desmondkon. This poem is inspired by Ephesians Eternal God! Reflect upon my soul, and touch my heart; And then my heart shall prize no good above Thee, And then my soul shall know Thee; knowing, love Thee; And then my trembling thoughts shall never start From thy commands, or swerve the least degree, Or once p to move, but as they move in Thee.

The poet here expresses what is in his heart, which is what Paul desires for the church in Ephesians She lifts her long skirt to cradle the windfalls. Her legs are very white, like the flesh of apples. Some things about women a woman can never know. Else she would not stand with her skirt caught up.

Or she would more often. She stands in the shade of the laden tree, unaware I am aware of her legs. The wish to be right has decamped in large s but some come to God in hopes of being wrong. High on the end wall hangs the Gospel, from before he was books.

All judging ends in his fix, all, including his own. He rose out of Jewish, not English evolution and he said the lamp he held aloft to all nations was Jewish. Freedom still eats freedom, justice eats justice, love — even love. One retarded man said church makes me want to be naughty ,. Idols demand yours off you. Les Murray — is considered the leading Australian poet of his generation.

This poem relates to the truths found in Ephesians — Mary Oliver — is one of the best-selling contemporary poets in the United States. This poem, which is from her collection Thirst ,Beacon Press , works as a fine companion piece to Ephesians The Ninth Heaven: the Primum Mobile. The nine luminous circles of the angelic hierarchies. Their revolutions around a Point. The celestial hierarchy. The correct angelology of Dionysius and the mistake of St. They follow. Those other loves that circle round them are called Thrones of the divine aspect, because they terminated the first group of three;….

The second triad—blossoming in this eternal springtime that the nightly Ram does not despoil—perpetually sings. The two penultimate. These orders all direct—ecstatically— their eyes on high; and downward, they exert such force that all are drawn and draw to God. Dante Alighieri — has laid out here the nine ranks of angelic beings, which comes from the medieval interpretation of Ephesians , and Colossians This translation of Paradiso is from Allen Mandelbaum.

I was reading about rationalism, the kind of thing we do up north in early winter, where the sun leaves work for the day at Maybe the world is intelligible to the rational mind; and maybe we light the lamps at dusk for nothing…. The cats and I chased the bat in circles—living room, kitchen, pantry, kitchen, living room… At every turn it evaded us. She was Poet Laureate of New Hampshire when she died of leukemia. Every chapter in Ephesians speaks of the influence of the Holy Spirit, who both draws near, and yet remains a mystery.

Sometimes he smiled, sometimes the child was cross. Often at night he dreamed a dream of God And was the dream he dreamed. His neighbors smelled an alien in his blood, A secret enemy and double life; He was a mutant on an obscene cross Outraging decency with naked love. He stripped the last rags from a proper God. Chad Walsh — taught at Beloit College for more than 30 years, and authored more than 20 books.

This poem expresses truths found in Ephesians A quintina is a poetic form, similar to a sestina, but with five-line stanzas featuring five required end words. Infolded like a fieldmouse in warm hay while gnats negotiate the price of wheat, I grab a little shut-eye, drown in white delicious underworlds of sleep. Parched otiose two-legged lust-crazed spit, I whisper softly to sweet ears of corn, and enter ant hill churches with a slow sad eye explores the looking grass.

Although I my foster mother, earth, am pitchforked into dogbone-buried clay, I trust my rising to the Paraclete who mends the leaky milkpail of my soul. George Whipple — is a Canadian poet who authored many collections. The turn in this sonnet draws its authority from Ephesians Spring, and we are flush with the energy of hope.

Root is a word of promise, proof that life prepares to thrust itself up into the light, carrying the energy of hope. Jesus prefigured this miracle of rising—telling us that only as a small, dry seed dies will it thrust out its root tendril, its declaration of intent to grow and thrive. As those rhubarb stems yielded to the knife, may I now yield to the harvesting hand that has rooted me, and lifts me now from the earth.

Her most recent collection is The Generosity , Paraclete Press. My God and King! Cast it, or tread it! My God, could I weep blood, Gladly I would, Or if thou wilt give me that art, Which through the eyes pours out the heart, I will exhaust it all, and make Myself all tears, a weeping lake.

O God, disperse These weights, and give my spirit leave To act as well as to conceive! He expresses his desire here, like in Ephesians and the surrounding verses, that he would be equipped to serve God and his people through the gift God has given to him. Invisible, dressed in clothes too big for me, I take a walk, pretending I am a detached mind.

What country is this? Funeral wreaths, devalued medals, a general avoidance of remembering what happened.

Lonely knight seeking queen in bowmanvilleontario

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