Looking for a father figure

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I mean we could spend hours talking about this important issue. So I want to add a couple more thoughts about it. Make sure you read this blog, How to Deal with Father Hunger. It will help this blog make more sense. That may be impossible for you because you may not even know who or where your birth father is. I received a comment from Sandra this week that made a lot of sense.

Someone who is suffering from father hunger should have a talk with their father about their feelings. I agree with Sandra. I am a father, and I know from experience every father craves to be respected by their children, even if they have done horrible things. I mean, think of it. Your father has a lot of hurts too. That is not to excuse what he has done or failed to do. It just means he needs your compassion and love too. EP You may want to write out how you feel about your hurt and your relationship with him.

You may want to ask your mother, or another relative, what they think is the best way to confront your father. Confronting your father will not be easy, but it could do wonders for your relationship, and help you grow as a person. If you suffer from Father Hunger, begin to look for a stand-in father. Just knowing someone really cares for you can make a huge difference. I have gotten the chance to get closer to my band director at school. He has helped me so much this year. He is like a dad to me. But how does one go about finding a father figure? Morgan sent me some great advice:.

If not, I think they should go to a grandpa, uncle, or even an older brother they know loves them, and just spend time with them. Chat with them. Go to lunch with them. Everything that those suffering from Father Hunger would want to do with their dad like go out to lunch, play sports, play a board game, etc.. Another idea in finding a stand-in father is to go to your church or place of worship. Find an older woman whom you trust and ask her to help you find a father figure. She will more likely know who would be the best stand-in father figure at your church you can trust.

I really dont have a good relationship with my dad. He never talks to me or even acknowledges my existence. We live in the same house together but he was never there for me. My grandpa on my moms side passed away three ish years ago. I have an older brother but he raped me when I was 8 and I really dont want to be in his life. I dont have a church and im not really religious. Teachers are really out of the question because of covid. All students get now is a zoom meeting. I really struggle with wanting a dad.

Its whatever. I find myself craving validation from my friends or just trying to fill the void i feel. Dear Jericho…You have been through much in your life and struggling with wanting to have a good relationship with your dad is understandable. I am so sorry he does not understand your needs and that you are being treated this way. Covid has made it hard for students to find the help they need, especially in situations, like yours.

I want you to know that you matter and we care about you. We are here to listen and help you with what is going on. We are here to lift you up and help you realize how important you are. There is only one you and you are unique and amazing in your own way. Would you be open to chatting online with one of our HopeCoaches? They will listen, encourage and help you through this. She wishes to have a father figure in her life,someone trustworthy and one whom she can look up to.

I am a Father. I have a daughter and 2 sons. And I am also married, to a kind and loving wife. I have been back ground checked as a general contractor and am a very safe person. I want to badly be a father figure to someone who needs a loving father. Feel free to reach out to me. My dad got deported back to Mexico when I was 5… Lately I have seen many of my friends and their d hugging. I wish I was able to hug my dad, but I cant.

I wish I was able to at least talk to him, but I cant. I have been crying more than usual, like 5 times a day, I would turn the radio up loud to were I cant be heard… I would cry in the shower, wishing my dad was with me to take me through not having a mom. I did not like my mom, she was cruel and now I am in foster care. I wish I can call my dad….

Richard My first two fathers walked out. My mother was very strong. She kept three boys in line. At 12, I was adopted by my Dad. He was also my best man at my wedding. Anyway, I saw what a good father looks and a very bad father looks like. I lived in a healthy home. God took care of me through very hard times. In the end, God does love his children. I have been able to work as a youth pastor. I have been able to affect ie be an interim father for kids without fathers. I raised three children who love the lord.

I am not saying this to puff myself up. Without the hand of God, I would have a statistic. The most honoring thing anyone can do is live in Christ and watch God work. Remember, life works out despite you. God is our great redeemer. We learn, obey, and live. Dawson I am a man, boy all I see is women talking about father hunger. Hey where does that leave me?? I agree, Scott! Of course many women have father hunger. But what happens to boys in this country is not considered or addressed with nearly the passion that is expressed for girls.

Just open an exclusively male only space and wait for a few minutes. The protests from hypocritical feminist voices feminist men included rise with ever-increasing shrillness as men and boys are shamed and shut out and dominated even in a discussion on the topic of father hunger.

The church is no exception! The prisons, gay bars, pornsites, criminal gangs are full of men with father hunger. And so are the morgues full of the bodies of men who finally pulled the trigger. Even telling him as an adult that I had been abused as a kid did not render a solitary word of comfort, much less righteous anger at the man who abused me.

Looking for a father figure

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