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DanMcCarth from New Mexico 4. Food choices minimal. Mar 26, PretzelCity from California 4. Not a huge space but there are seats at the bar that runs the length of the room and small tables against the back wall with some tv's behind the bar. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable and the tap list was great, lots of good beers to choose from.

Definitely a good place to have a beer. Jan 26, Great location overlooking the Santa Fe Plaza and multiple annoying drivers that would circle the block, revving their engines. That was entertaining. The service was decent, despite the crowd. They had beer and pizza.

Allowed growlers of most of the beer there. The price was good, and though I didn't use it at the time, Marble is on the list to give you a discount for being an AHA member. Very much worth the experience. Feb 13, Kappakoosh from Texas 3. I don't l is a out earlier service complaints- we are always treated great Nd our kids are welcome. Far better than a certain ex-IPA champion taproom in Abq- where surly is normal!

Aug 11, This establishment is upstairs in a space overlooking the Santa Fe plaza which is really a nice area. They have a bar with around eight seats and table seating for maybe 30 between indoor and outdoor. Wow, can service really be this bad - I just came in for a quick pint and told my wife I'd catch up with her in a few minutes. Quite a while as I found out and of course time can really drag when you're by yourself.

But after a long 10 minutes a guy who I suspect was the manager finally pulled himself away from his endless chat with two other touristy bar patrons two stools over Wouldn't say any were all that great, but not all that bad either. Overall worth a quick stop for a sampler or pint if you're in the area. Jul 16, I was rather disappointed. The venue was nice enough - a balcony that overlooks the Plaza that holds about a dozen tables than can seat 2 to 4 people. Service was prompt enough. The food menu is all 'artisan' pizzas.

We had a sampler of the brewpub's 'specialty' beers, which I'll review elsewhere if I can figure out how to do that. I found the beers to be unremarkable at best, especially after the place from which we'd just come. None had a really pleasing or distinctive flavor. I sensed that the braumeister had learned his trade on the West Coast - the beers had lots of hops, but all lacked a distinctive hop flavor and none had the strength of malt flavor to balance.

Jun 15, The Taproom is located on the second floor of an indoor mall, and overlooks the plaza. There's two rooms indoors, one with the bar and a few tables, the other has armchairs, a few tables, a fireplace, and a shuffleboard game.

A large outdoor patio, which even in the heat was a pleasant place to sit, drink beer, and people-watch. It was fairly quiet on a Monday afternoon. There were 7 house beers, 4 brewer's specials, and 1 guest beer on tap. We had the pilsner and the double white, both very nice. The food looked to be pizza and only pizza. We didn't eat, but the menu looked impressive. The patio makes this a great place to relax and have a beer. Aug 30, Located on the second floor of an indoor mall. Overlooks the street outside but it was a bit cool to use the patio I think there was a patio anyway.

Eight to ten Marble beers on tap. Bar seats eight, another dozen or so tables. About half full when we were there late afternoon. The kids in our gropu were well tolerated by staff and the other patrons. A sporting event of some kind was on the TV.

I think they had food but we didn't order any. Overall a nice place to take a break for a while. Jul 19, Location doesn't get any better. The place is on the second floor of a modern "galleria" mall inserted into the Santa Fe-style storefronts. Big interior room, a functional bar, and the great decks. I'm not a big fan of the regular Marble lineup but I really liked both of the hoppy yet elegant Chama River brews. Pizza is the sole foodstuff.

Choice of blue corn crust of regular, the thin cracker style. Southwestern ingredients like caramelized leeks and green chiles as well as the usual upscale toppings. Not especially good. A nice bar shuffleboard table. Usual aggravating sound system but nice eclectic selections. Jul 08, Your name or address: Do you already have an ? Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

Marble santa fe

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