Mini teacup pigs for sale in ohio

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Autumn Acres is located in the beautiful countryside of Minerva, Ohio. We raise American mini pigs in a safe and loving environment. E ach of our pigs is very loved so we work hard to give each one of them time and attention everyday. They are a part of our family. Miniature pigs are wonderful pets. They are very intelligent, affectionate and clean animals. We take great pride in our precious little piglets.

T he health and happiness of our pigs always comes first. Our focus is to work hard towards the betterment of the breed and not our pockets. A healthy piglet and a happy home are our top priorities! I am searching for Forever Homes for my piggies. If you absolutely HAVE to give up your pig, please contact me first. I will help you find a new home or take it back myself. It will be up to you to arrange for transport. Why choose us? We guarantee a healthy, happy piglet every time.

Each piglet is carefully socialized with people, animals, and everyday household items and noises. We offer lifetime breeder support. So if you ever have a question or problem, we are here to help. Finding each of our piglets a safe and loving home is a top priority. Each piglet goes home with a written guarantee, welcome packet, blanket, harness, leash, foo d, kennel and birth certificate. About Us Autumn grew up in the city of Warren, Ohio. When she married her husband, Nick, in , they moved to Minerva, Ohio.

A year after they were married, they got their first pet pig. His name was Oscar and he was the love of their life. Unfortunately, unaware of what to look for at the time, they purchased him from an irresponsible breeder who inbred and starved him to keep him small. Oscar only lived for two years.

They were heart broken. This was a huge life lesson: Never again would they buy another pet without lots of research ever again. They never wanted anyone else to have to go through anything like that. As a result, they decided to start their own breeding program.

With a little knowledge and a lot of love they started looking for the perfect breeding pair to create healthy, happy, lovable mini pet pigs. Our little Oscar. Cold Weather Tips for a Pig.

Mini teacup pigs for sale in ohio

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