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With only the addition of a small backsplash of Salamanca cement tiles over the store, this kitchen, deed by Michael Canty is transformed. The color scheme - white, grey, black and turquoise - really makes the area sing. J Kurtz De created a truly stunning bathroom experience complete with Granada Tile's Toscano pattern on the floors in a custom colorway.

Deer: J. Kurtz De Photographer: Andrea Rugg. Adrianna Lopez let her imagination run wild to create a tropical bathroom paradise with Granada Tile company's Fez cement tile in blue and white. Granada Tile company's Alhambra pattern in blue and white has a crisp, geometric elegance. Stand a few feet back and the effect is pure lace. Clean and modern cement tile installation of the Alhambra cement tile de hand made by Granada Tile company.

A feast for the eyes and the taste buds! Exuberant colors and textures, including a contribution from Granada Tile company's St. Tropez cement tile de, enliven a bathroom by Ken Koonce. Photographer: Ken Koonce. Emily Kane-Miller created a beautiful and clever back yard fire pit.

She covered a concrete cylinder in Granada Tile's Minis in the shape of a fish scale in the color aqua. While often used with water, she paired it with fire for maximum dramatic impact. The red chairs heighten the drama too. This assertively Modern bathroom by Bestor Architecture is striking and beautiful with its strong black and white diagonal floor Granada Tile's Santander cement tile pattern and it's playful wall behind the sink with multiple combinations of color in the Maldon tile.

Our clients installed our Barcelona tile de, a lively cement tile pattern, in a combination of mustard, green and coral. It sets just the right tone for the historic space, originally deed by architect Carl Lindbom in San Clemente, California. Photographer: Granada Tile company. Arcadia Studio in Santa Barbara, California deed this tasteful and welcoming seating area with fire pit using Granada Tile's geometric Burgos de.

Bestor Architecture has set a new standard for modern de with this sleek, yet cheerful bathroom, featuring two of Granada Tile's sensational cement tiles: Santander stripes on the floor and Maldon playful triangles on the wall of the shower. Tile walls make for drama and durability in bathrooms. Edward Solis chose Granada Tile company's Fez de in a bold black-and-white combination. It's a great counterpoint to the pale blue of the other walls and lends an Art Deco feel to the cement tile installation.

In order to maintain the historical integrity of this space, long-time Granada Tile company clients Karen and Guy Vidal chose Bucharest cement tile for the bathroom floor of this vintage home. This kitchen sports a top-notch de by VonFitz De.

The Granada Tile-made Buniel cement tiles absolutely makes the look. De Vidal, a longtime Granada Tile company client, opted for the exotic motif that Fez A cement tile blue and white de gives to this kitchen backsplash. Patchwork tile installations have to be one of our favorite cement tile installations, and we love the one at Go Greek in Beverly Hills, deed by ModMan. In a range of blues, the concrete tile installation by Granada Tile company is a treat for the eye—just as the yogurt is for the taste buds.

The homeowners picked custom colors to create a vibrant and organic cement tile carpet in their study. The sensational carpet created by these cement tiles from Granada Tile company gives a whole new meaning to a room with a view. If you are lucky enough to know the owners of the Pasadena Showcase House, you might get a chance to see it.

This beautiful outdoor environment was created by Sacred Space Garden De. Deer: Sacred Space Garden De. Chantilly cement tiles with the custom colors manage to be subtle and bold simultaneously. Photograph by Brian Sanderson. Architect Barbara Bestor did a stunning cement floor tile installation using our Fez cement tile de. Its bold colors are picked up in the vanity. Photo courtesy of Bestor Architecture. Deer Kathryn Miller excels in creating a classy bathroom complete with Minis Collection cement tiles in a star and cross format on the floor.

Stylish bathroom by Ken Koonce gets a soothing, earthtones cement tile floor in Granada Tile company's Cluny de. Floral cement tile de of St. Tropez adds pattern to a serene bathroom by De Vidal. The two des complement each other perfectly but are different enough, to give the tile installation a smart, rhythmic quality. Against the warm shades of the space, the teal blue offers a great splash of color. Deer: Commune Photographer: Richard Powers.

The juxtaposition of cacti and Granada Tile's Fez patterned cement tiles in blue and white is some how, well, cute. Bestia Restaurant chose Granada Tile company's La Rochelle de cement and concrete tile for a touch of warmth and color. As we all know, Deer Martyn Lawrence Bullard is a phenomenon of exuberant, Moroccan-inspired good taste. Granada Tile has had the honor to be selected for a of his projects, including this one. Our geometric, Fez de is one of his favorites. Deer: Martyn Lawrence Bullard De.

Deer Martyn Lawrence Bullard is a genius at all things exuberant and joyful and this other part of his backyard is no exception. Photographer: Tracie Yang. Dripp Coffee used Granada Tile's Toscano patterned cement tiles in shades of blue to create a bouyant, happy mood.

The Fullerton Dripp Coffee location is a big bright cheerful place to have a superb cup of coffee and other delicious treats. One of the treats for the eyes is the expanse of Granada Tile encaustic cement tiles in the Toscano pattern extending throughout the cafe. This stunning bathroom weaves together three different colors white, grey and silver of Granada Tile's Long Hex de.

Granada Tile company's Cluny C black and white encaustic tile takes the stage in this vibrant dining room floor deed by Adrianna Lopez. This decorative encaustic tile carpet takes center stage in their new office. Ariel Fox chose cement tiles from Granada Tile company for the pool area at Rubix, a luxury apartment building in Hollywood. Here, Fez geometric cement tile in black and white accents the front of the bar area near the barbecues. Photographer: Mr. Important De. Granada Tile's modern cement tiles mix geometric forms and vibrant colors that rise from floor to bar front in the Rappahannock Oyster Bar in downtown Los Angeles.

To celebrate the launch of her new website, Mane Addicts, celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin tapped Consort De to transform her rooftop deck. Granada Tile company's Fez de in blue and white creates a buzz at the modern Biscuit Filmworks headquarters. Photographer: Marcia Prentice. Fabulous de by Bestor Architecture. The tiles add a lively, bold, graphic effect to a tall, open space. Granada Tiles Luxor cement tiles are the very first thing to catch your eye when you enter the Waterford Residence in Long Beach.

Gentle and suggestive in aqua and white, they speak to elegance and a lifestyle near the ocean. Featured in Dwell Magazine, this light and airy kitchen has a floor covered in glorious Serengeti cement tile by Granada Tile. Photographer: Grey Crawford. De Vidal Collective used Granada Tile's Sofia patterned cement tiles for the backsplash of this happy kitchen. The architect on the project was Jeff Troyer.

Granada Tile company's cement tile in Fez A geometric blue and white pattern makes a bold statement at this private residence is in the hills of West Hollywood. Enjoy a sense of a carefree summer every day of the year! The tile literally soars through the room, creating an invigorating feeling of flight and serenity.

Deer: Justina Blakeney, Jungalow. In collaboration with Granada Tile, Justina Blakeney of Jungalow fame has deed a custom Egret hexagonal cement tile. Paired with Granada Tile's midnight hexagon, the effect is stunning. Kellie Eserts Interiors created a charming, light-filled bathroom with black and white Parla patterned cement tiles by Granada Tile. Deer Kathryn Miller matched Granada Tile's Minis Star and Cross pattern in white and grey with marble tile and bathtub to create a very classy bathroom.

Textile deer Alexandra Becket and her husband, Greg Steinberg, launched ModOp De, a home renovation company after renovating their own home. The master bath sported a vibrant floor of Granada Tile company's Sofia cement tile. Alhambra tiles in blues and greens are jewel-like in Mox Construction's gorgeous shower. The rich, multicolored Alhambra cement tile gives this shower a quality of bathing among jewels.

Choosing our Normandy cement tile de in a custom color combination creates a chic bathroom with a one-of-a-kind feel. Photographer: Lauren Gibbs. When deer extraordinaire Nate Berkus contacted for patio tile, we will thrilled. He chose simple simple--but perfect--square tiles from our Echo Collection in coffee and white. The resulting patio sings. Here is a photo from Architectural Digest. Take a tip from the pros: covering the face of your island with eye-catching handmade cement tiles is guaranteed to garner a second look.

Even canine companions love Granada Tile company. Deer: Archarium Photographer: Archarium. The former were made by Granada Tile with a de by Erin Adams. Photographer: Will Taylor, Bright Bazaar. By simply changing up your colors, you can totally transform the look of our cement tiles.

Here, a bathroom tile installation by Ken Koonce gets a jolt of high-contrast with our Cluny cement tile de in black and white. Photo from the L. Weekly, taken by Jessica Ritz. Rappahannock Oyster Bar in downtown Los Angeles does a playful dance with Granada Tile's modern cement tiles, mixing geometric forms and vibrant colors that rise from floor to bar front. Home Gallery United States Cities.

Tile de: Cluny C. Tile de: Toscano

Mission tile los angeles

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