Moving on with your life after a break up

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Here, dating experts and therapists share the right ways to cope with a breakup and move forward, as well as the choices and behaviors to avoid that will only set you back. Take a deep breath, remember there will be brighter days ahead, and turn this advice into actionable steps. You can do this. Similar to a death of a loved one , the end of a relationship requires mourning. You go from having another person ingrained into your everyday routine to suddenly missing them, which can cause intense feelings of sadness.

Get it all out emotionally so you can move on. Take time to remember the good times, accept and celebrate them for what they were, and allow yourself to cry over it all. As tempting as it is to blame yourself or your ex , these are not healthy ways to cope with a breakup. Matchmaker April Davis says to try to each hold yourself able and acknowledge wrongdoings—without playing the blame game.

Try your best not to feed into ideas that you never deserved your ex or that they never deserved you. It was a two-way street, end of story, Davis reminds. Once you can face this, you can begin to face the fact that you will one day be happy without them. Instead, Brekker suggests that making subtle yet effective changes to your routine and environment can offer fresh perspective.

Start small. As time passes, Brekker says you can start to return to areas and spots that remind you of your ex-partner, but that you should practice creating dissimilar associations. One basic rule of a breakup, Davis says, is to disconnect on all social media platforms.

Continuing to reach out usually only le to more hurt and emotional confusion. As the saying goes, an idle mind can lead to all sorts of unnecessary anxiety, so staying busy can be a game changer after a breakup. Every relationship can teach you something—if you let it.

Brekker says part of the healing process post-breakup is working on self-love and compassion , along with looking fondly at the time you shared with this person. What areas went wrong? How can you be a better person and partner going forward? As tempting as it may be, in most cases, it only sets back the healing process, says Davis.

How come? Ideally, two civilized grown-ups can dissect what happened in the relationship, tell the truth, ask for forgiveness, and absolve each other, says Tina B. Tessina, PhD , a psychotherapist and author. This is because closure requires getting truthful answers to your questions about what happened in an effort to understand why. In fact, Davis says now is the time to reach out to your closest friends and most supportive family members.

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Moving on with your life after a break up

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