Naughty nurse jokes

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It's time to pick up a nurse! Nurses are always perceived as the ultimate sexy profession. They're kind, gentle, healing literally. They just know how to take great care of people. And their white dress just makes them look even more pure, really the angel that's here to save you when you need it. What would be a good pick up line for nurses? There're so many out there! Here we've got the best 30 ones for you to try out! The classic. If being sick for the rest of your life is what it takes to see her, so be it, right? This one will definitely crack a smile on her face. It's true though.

Confidence is the key to success. Be confident that she wants to go out with you and in the end, she surely will want to! Isn't it romantic to just tell the girl that she is making your heart beating crazy? Being moved by heart is always better than saying she's got a great ass.

A sweet and perfect way to tell her that she's just the angel you need in your life. Nurses are probably the closest profession to angels as there can be. They're nurturing, always ready to take care of someone. And most importantly, their care is also unconditional. They take care of you, no matter who you are. As long as you need it. What a beautiful soul! Only try this one is she is a humorous and funny girl! This could really go both ways for you.

Either you will think you're witty and funny and bold, unlike most other guys that start out shy, or you will get kicked out of the place and potentially a punch to the face! Know your audience. This pickup line could either get you very far or straight to the hospital. Every girl likes to hear that they look gorgeous. It's a natural self-esteem booster and will make her want to hear what else you have to say.

Tell her she's just the hot cup of chocolate you need to get through a cold winter night. Sweet and hot. This pickup line is true for most nurses. They're just so caring and make your time in the hospital much easier. Sounds like it's straight up from a romantic comedy or something. Definitely, something the male lead would say to the female lead right at the end where they don't know if they will see each other again. This is for sure a rom-com-like pickup line. It just depends on how cheesy you can go to pick up a nurse!

Seeking medical attention from the one that caused your injury in the first place is smart. Only the one that hurt you can heal you, right? It's always nice to find that one person that you can give your heart to. Although there might be a slight chance that with this pickup line, she is going to persuade you to be an organ donor instead.

Better think of something to say when she does! This is somewhere a funny pick up line. Most nurses would laugh about this one because it's sweet and cheesy at the same time. It will definitely make you stand out if you're daring enough to try it! Funny and direct. This pickup line could get you what you wish for if you know how to play it well! Definitely a dark sense of humor, but you never know.

Some people love a dirty joke like that literally! Make a funny face as well when you say it for the best funny result! Just that cutest thing to say to the girl that you're attracted to. Who doesn't like a love-at-first-sight kind of love story?

You could easily make someone's day just by saying that! I'm not so healthy these days because I'm lacking some vitamin 'U'. Only you can make me feel better! A cheesy yet cute pink up line that guarantees you a smile on her face! Tell her how smoking hot and stunning she is. It's probably the most common pick up line but it's also a very good one for nurses. And hey, you don't need some oxygen to feel better.

As long as you can spend some time with her, I'm sure you will feel better already! A very bold and determined statement. Maybe you're onto something. Probably she just doesn't want to date you because it would compromise her work ethics. Now you know what to say to the nice, and pretty nurse that has been taking care of you but you don't know if asking her out is a good idea! Knowing how to perform CPR is important, it could save your life.

Mouth-to-mouth may seem easy but there're also a lot of techniques that you need to know. What's better than learning them from a registered nurse so you know you can do it right when you need it! It's very important to have someone that makes you feel better, especially when you're feeling down. Sometimes people don't realize that their presence is the best thing they can give so you just need to let her know that!

Yep, show her how it's done! The fastest and best way for clothing removal! Everyone needs that skill at some point in their life. While she may laugh at you for saying that, she probably won't be laughing once you have shown her! Another classic for all Americans. Are you as free as America tonight? I sure hope so! This is something you grew up hearing because it's funny. But when you get picked up by it, it's even funnier and you know you will have a good time laughing with the person that says it. People think that male nurses are a rare breed.

They're hard to come by. But if you do find one, he is usually the best person you will ever meet. They are kind and gentle. Most importantly, they know how to take care of someone. The perfect guy for every girl. Male nurses are always thought to be less manly by people.

Naughty nurse jokes

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