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At that time he said, When years were complete for me, I fathered my son Methusala; and after that I lived years. I completed all the years of my life, years. And I lay on my bad sleeping. And I could not figure out what this distress might be, nor what might be. Their faces were like the shining sun;. Then I awake from my sleep, and saw those men, standing in front of me, in actuality. In truth, do not fear! The eternal God has sent us to you. And behold, you will ascend with us to heaven today.

And let no one search for you until the LORD returns you to them. And I called my sons, Methusalam and Regim and Gaidad. And I declared to them all the marvels that those men had told me. How Enoch instructs his sons. Do not turn away from God. Walk before his face,. Do not abhor the prayers of your salvation,. And bless the LORD with the firstborn of your herds and the firstborn of your children, and the blessing will be on you forever.

And do not turn away from the LORD, and do not worship vain gods, gods who did not created the heaven and the earth or any other created thing; for they will perish, and so will those who worship them. And now, my children, no one must search for me until the LORD returns me to you. And it came about, when I had spoken to my sons, those med called me.

And they took me up onto their wings, and carried me up to the first heaven, and placed me on the clouds. And there I perceived the air higher up, and higher still I saw the ether. And they showed me a vast ocean, much bigger than the earthly ocean. And they showed me the angels who govern the stars and the heavenly combinations. And the appearance of its image was like every kind of earthly flower , only more numerous; and the angels who guard their treasuries, how they are shut and opened.

And those men picked me up and brought me up to the second heaven. And they showed me, and I saw a darkness greater than earthly darkness. And there I perceived prisoners under guard, hanging up, waiting for the measureless judgment. And unceasingly they made weeping, all the day long. Who knows where I am going and what will confront me? Or who indeed will pray for me? And those men took me from there, and they brought me up to the third heaven, and set me down there.

Then I looked downward, and I saw Paradise. And that place is inconceivably pleasant. And I saw the trees in full flower. And their fruits were ripe and pleasant-smelling, with every food in yield and giving off profusely a pleasant fragrance. And in the midst of them was the tree of life, at that place where the LORD takes a rest when he goes into paradise. And that tree is indescribable for pleasantness and fine fragrance, and more beautiful than any other. And it covers the whole of Paradise. And it has something of every orchard tree and of every fruit.

And its root is in Paradise at the exit that le to the earth. And paradise is in between the corruptible and the incorruptible. And two streams come forth, one a source of honey and milk, and a source which produces oil and wine. And it is divided into 4 parts, and they go around with a quiet movement. And they come out into the paradise of Edem, between the corruptible and the incorruptible. And from there they pass along and divide into 40 parts. And it proceeds in descent along the earth, and they have a revolution in their cycle, just like the other atmospheric elements.

And there is no unfruitful tree there, and every tree is well fruited, and every place is blessed. And there are angels, very bright, who look after Paradise; and with never-ceasing voice and pleasant singing they worship the LORD every day and hour. And there is no light there, and a black fire blazes up perpetually, with a river of fire that comes out over the whole place, fire here, freezing ice there, and it dries up and it freezes;.

How very frightful this place is! And those men took me and they carried me up to the fourth heaven. And they showed me there all the movements and sequences, and all the rays of solar and lunar light. And I saw that the sun has a light seven times greater than the moon. And I saw his circle and his wheels on which he always goes, going past always like the wind with quite marvelous speed.

And his coming and his return give him no rest, day and night. And , angels accompany him in the daytime, and at night And I looked and saw flying spirits, the solar elements, called phoenixes and khalkedras, strange and wonderful. For their form was that of a lion, their tail that of a …, and their head that of a crocodile. Their appearance was multicolored, like a rainbow. Their wings were those of angels, but they have 12 wings each. Thus he goes through a cycle, and he goes down and he rises up across the sky and beneath the earth with the light of his rays.

And he was there, on the track, unceasingly. And I measured carefully and I figured out their size to be so much — through which the sun comes out and goes off to the west. And then once more he does an about-turn and goes back the other way from the sixth gate, according to the round of the seasons:. Thus he goes back once again to the eastern gates, under the earth. And he remains for seven great hours in night.

And the chariot spends half its time under the earth. And his brightness and the shining of his crown are seen before sunrise. And the sun blazes out more than fire does. And then the solar elements, called phoenixes and khalkedras, burst into song. That is why every bird flaps its wings, rejoicing at the giver of light. This is why the sun has the greater heat; and the cycle for him goes on for 28 years, and begins once more from the start. And another calculation those men showed me, that of the moon, and all the movements and phases;.

Thus likewise by the western gates in accordance with the cycle, and in accordance with the of the eastern gates. And it lacks 12 days of the solar cycle, which are the lunar epacts for each year. Also, the great cycle contains years. It passes by the quarters for three years, and the fourth completes it exactly. For this reason they are taken away, outside heaven, for three years; and they are not added to the of the days, because these ones change the seasons of the year — two new moons in augmentation,.

Thus she goes, day and night, in accordance with the heavenly cycles, lower than all the cycles, swifter than the heavenly winds, and spirits and elements and flying angels, with 6 wings to each angel. And she begins once again from the start. In the middle of the heaven I saw armed troops, worshiping the LORD with tympani and pipes and unceasing voices, and pleasant voices and pleasant and unceasing and various songs, which it is impossible to describe.

And every mind would be quite astonished, so marvelous and wonderful is the singing of these angels. And I was delighted, listening to them. And those men took me up on their wings and placed me on the fifth heaven. And I saw there many innumerable armies called Grigori. And their appearance was like the appearance of a human being, and their size was larger than that of large giants.

Need bull for a insatiable woman 36

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