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Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Forums Recent Rules My Activity. Hey there! In Register. I find older women much more attractive, both in personality and physically. Younger women my age drink a ton of alcohol every weekend, act immature and generally don't look after themselves as much as older, more mature women do.

Okay, so that may be a generalisation of young women from the ages of , but it's true for a lot of them. Okay, so I'm mainly trying to get at, are older women, say from age , more open minded these days to dating younger men or do they feel younger men are too immature? Given up on the daygaming then Mark? I have had a friendship with an attractive older woman before in her 40's, but things were too complicated, which was a shame as she was nice and a good laugh. Pumping Iron Posts: 29, Forum Member. My ex was 14 yrs older than myself, the one before that 9yrs older, when I was 17 I was seeing a girl 8 yrs older.

It's never really been a taboo as far as I am concerned. The wife now though is a couple yrs younger. Age doesn't matter to me, if you click you click. Scriptwriter wrote: ». NX Posts: 4, Forum Member. Pumping Iron wrote: ». NX wrote: ». Also, older women seem to be more in touch with today's young culture and interests than ever before. It hasn't been taboo ever since the term "cougar" made it into popular culture. Nothing wrong with being attracted to older women IMO.

My first time was with a woman much older than me DangerBrother Posts: 1, Forum Member. Would you still approach them in the street? AOTB wrote: ». That sounds like a classic line from the daystalking manual- Chaper 'How to get Kino with a Cougar'. Fizix Posts: 16, Forum Member. Heh, I thought you were the type who would have a go with anything that moves!

But it turns out that its anything twice your age that moves and that's cool, totally fine. I will add that I would never date someone with a kid as of divorced parents I went on a few dates with a 30 year old recently but it didn't work out sadly. I will probably end up with someone my age as they will have matured by the time I want to settle down.

Personally I can think of nothing more boring and icky than entertaining a younger man. So no I prefer someone who has a bit of experience under his belt [pun intended] and can hold a conversation, and broaden my World a little bit. Young men tend to just be a bit pretty. And that is all. WoodenCat wrote: ». Jason Posts: 76, Forum Member. As night follows day, yet another dating thread from the daywalker.. In or Register to comment.

Older woman younger man forum

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