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Got the dip powder manicure from Lisa. She was meticulous and I was thrilled with how they turned out. Will definitely be returning. Staffs and the owner are pretty nice and professional. They gave my friend and I the new nail tech. Its stunning, a lot of people ask us where did we get this lol.

I will recommend people to go here and we will come back again. Clean and Friendly, and they also have some of the best massage chairs I have ever used. However the pictures below are immediately after I left, after having 4 cycles of drying. They focus a little more on the pampering than the look, maintenance, and cleaning of your feet. If you enjoy the pamper then it may be for you.

If you prefer the scrubs and actual care, filing, and cuticle cutting of your nails and feet then it is not. My nail tech Cady worked a little too quickly to actually care for my hands and feet. She left before I was even finish drying to check my nails. Especially seeing that My nails had shipped after going to grab for my bag. While I was drying she asked if she could have her tip now because she was leaving. I was a little startled by this since I had just got under the dryer.

She insisted on processing my card again just for the tip but it would be an extra processing fee which could of been avoided if she would of just allowed me to tip on the card the first time. Came here with a friend on a whim and so glad we found it. The price was very reasonable for a gel manicure considering how good it came out. Really pleased by the quickness but did not once feel rushed at all.

Will definitely be returning! Beautiful and relaxing atmosphere, very clean and professional. I had an amazing experience here. We are visiting from Phillie and I have been to many places before. This place is cozy and we received great service. Nice little salon in the neighborhood. Clean, hygienic they do use those plastic tub wrappers. Normally trek several blocks to a different salon, but a Noreaster blew in, and I didnt want to go far in this nasty weather!

Great color selection. Love this nail salon. I only ever come here! Bright, clean, happy environment. When I came back in about it, the owner who is very kind and professional fixed it right away. Their service and customer service is what keeps me coming back : Thank you Orchid Garden. The staff was very friendly and I didnt feel rushed to make a choice about colours. Cady did an amazing job. Great place in the East Village. Ive been going here for over 2 years and have had consistently good experiences. I also started to bring my daughter once she was a little older and they are super friendly to her and gentle.

The ladies who work here are warm and welcoming, the place is always spotless, and if Im on a tight schedule I simply call ahead to make an appt, so I dont have to wait. I recommend this place for its great service, good value, and quality manicures and pedicures.

I really like this place. I feel comfortable knowing they are hygienic with their tools. Good selection of polishes. They are a very clean and nice looking salon too. This was my go-to nail spot when I lived in the east village.

I now live in prospect heights and after being unhappy with the affordable nail salons, I make the 45 min commute to come to a reliable place I know I can trust. I went here for a 60 minute massage. As soon as I noticed, I got straight out of there.

I wasnt sure if I should write this review or not, but I only hope it stops anyone else getting into this situation in the future. Ive been going to this nail salon for about a year and a half now and have had no problems! The ladies are always friendly and accommodating. I also love that they are very clean and use sanitized tools. They clearly take a lot of pride in the decoration and up keep and its be far superior to many of the other spas in the east village but the same prices. Great neighborhood spot. Been coming here for a couple years as I live in the area.

Service is reliably friendly and services are good. Very reasonably priced. Free wifi and iPhone chargers at every station. Good massage chairs for pedicures. I was pleased with the place. Very nice set up, but the lady working on me felt the need to talk about me. Ive been to smaller places with nicer people. Therefore I will not be coming back here again. Plus she didnt do such a great job either. All of the employees just looked at each other and no one answered me.

I asked again, only to hear more chatter amongst the employees and still no answer regarding how long the wait would be. Then a man escorted me into an empty pedicure chair and walked away. I made the incorrect assumption that this would mean I would be seen soon. While I was walking over the the chair, two other women walked in, one asking for a gel manicure and one asking for tips. They asked how long too, but they didnt get an answer either.

The woman next to me doing a pedicure yelled something down to her string of coworkers, and then just went back to her pedicure. Again, I was completely ignored. So then I asked her again, and she did the same thing, but this time she told me 10 minutes. After 35 minutes of sitting in the pedicure chair, I asked AGAIN and another person working there told me, probably 10 more minutes! The fact that I couldnt get an honest, upfront answer regarding how long I would have to wait for my services is the most rude, unprofessional, and disrespectful behavior I have ever experienced in a nail salon.

I walked out of the salon and told the man who sat me in the chair that I was very disappointed with the treatment I received and the blatant disrespect. To add insult to injury, one of the women who came in after me to get tips done was being seen by the man who walked me over to the pedicure chair. Id rather pay double somewhere else than experience such horrible service.

My experience at this nail salon was one of the worst. First of all my friend was verbally abused by her nail tech. She told her she was fat, pimply and sweatey. We had just come from a soccer practice, whitch promted her to body shame my friend as well. This was not the least of it. My nail tech only did two light coats. My nails wear see through at the end. She also forgot a base coat on one finger. I also had a chip on one nail that she refused to fix. Overall this experience was horrendous. All organizations All cities. Orchid Garden Spa. Visit the website. Great service! Welcoming and calming not rushed environment.

Ellen is amazing, highly recommended. Very clean spa and awesome service every time. Gel manicure started changing colors the day after I got them. Very upset with my manicure. Best nail salon for best price in all of NYC. Amazing service.

My favorite in the neighborhood. Very good here!! Great service, quality and cleanliness, professional and friendly, I loved the place!!! I find the people impolite. I got the feeling they treat the races differently. Working hours. Similar organizations. Blacklabel NO.

Orchid garden spa nyc

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