Pill testing kit canada

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Drug checking services are an important component of harm reduction. These services can be used to determine whether drug samples contain the substance an individual wants to use, determine the purity level of a substance, identify toxic contaminants and unexpected substances, and track drug use patterns. Drug checking programs also have the potential to disrupt the drug market by exposing adulterated drugs, and by helping health and safety bodies to make public health alerts.

Drug checking has been shown to support informed decision-making, reduce the amount of drugs that people take, and increase the likelihood that people will discard of unsafe drugs. Drug checking services have been available in much of Europe for over 25 years and are now available at supervised injection sites in Toronto and across Canada.

However, there are still legal barriers to implementing drug-checking programs in certain settings. Drug testing methods are not equally effective or convenient. While drug testing strips and reagent kits are a fast and affordable way to identify substances, they cannot determine how much of a substance is contained in a sample.

There is also a small risk of false negatives with drug testing strips, meaning that someone could accidentally overdose on a drug that they believed was safe. Advanced drug testing methods such as gas chromatography and mass spectrometry are preferable because they are very accurate, but the machines can be expensive to own and operate. You can now get your drugs checked at one of three supervised injection sites in Toronto:.

will be communicated back to you and include what is in the sample and the strength of the compounds in the sample. As of November , the turnaround time for is approximately 48 hours. As the program continues, turnaround time is supposed to decrease to same-day . You can order drug testing reagent kits and testing strips online in order to test your drugs at home:. Drug purity test kits from TestKitPlus.

Fentanyl test strips from DanceSafe. This is because it is possible to get false negatives and you may not know what drugs or how much of a drug is in your sample. Drug testing should be paired with other harm reduction strategies, such as not using alone, staggering drug use with another person, starting low and going slow, and carrying naloxone. Models of drug checking services DCS in Canada differ in important ways, including targeted subpopulations of people who use drugs who can access the service and when and the technology used for analysis of samples which impacts how long it takes to receive and what information is available from the analysis.

This resource aims to provide an overview of select DCS in Canada that are harmonizing research protocols and approaches for the purpose of ensuring nationwide comparability of collected evidence. Clients prepare their injection in the SIS and a drop of their shot is inserted into a mobile mass spectrometer portable ion scanner for analysis prior to proceeding with their injection.

Targeted qualitative information instrument surveys against a list of common substances is available in 20 seconds. Substances outside of this list can be looked for specifically with qualitative information available in minutes. Qualitative capabilities are being expanded to capture a greater of common substances in the targeted analysis. This technique is not intended to provide quantitative information on the potency of drug samples; however, estimations of potency are anticipated to be made available to clients. No offsite or confirmatory testing is undertaken.

Anyone can access DCS at these sites i. Drug samples will be collected from clients onsite and transported for analysis offsite at partnering hospital laboratories using GC-MS and LC-MS, the gold standards in forensic drug analysis. It is anticipated that analysis , including information on composition and potency i. DCS using fentanyl test strips are available to clients of most supervised injection services SIS and overdose prevention sites OPS in British Columbia through regional health authorities.

At music festivals and events, DCS are typically limited to event patrons. Drug samples are analyzed onsite using a Fourier-transform infrared FTIR spectrometer in combination with fentanyl test strips, a process that takes approximately 5 minutes for the client to receive qualitative information on the composition of their sample.

FTIR can identify any substance in its library, although there are limitations to what can be qualitatively detected e. Fentanyl test strips are an important complementary technique — especially given current drug market trends — as this enables the detection of fentanyl at quantities that would not be detected by FTIR, though test strips are limited to targeted qualitative analysis i. Neither of these onsite techniques are deed to provide quantitative i.

For example, FTIR provides some information on proportions depending on al strength i. Precise information on composition and potency is made available to clients approximately 7 days after sample collection, although this is expected to decrease to 4 days. This data is primarily valuable for drug market monitoring and to confirm the accuracy of provided at point-of-care through the use of FTIR and fentanyl test strips, as few clients currently access updated analysis .

Different reagent tests detect different substances and, based on the colour and timing of the reaction, can provide insight into the composition of drug samples. Reagent tests provide some qualitative information, but do not provide any quantitative information. Harm Reduction TO. Back What Is Harm Reduction? Drug Checking What is Drug Checking? Testing Your Drugs Where can I get my drugs professionally tested? How can I test my drugs at home?

Comparing Drug Testing Models in Canada Models of drug checking services DCS in Canada differ in important ways, including targeted subpopulations of people who use drugs who can access the service and when and the technology used for analysis of samples which impacts how long it takes to receive and what information is available from the analysis.

Pill testing kit canada

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