Pitbull puppies for sale in nevada

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Do not be fooled by all the hype you see on Google or YouTube with who has the best or biggest XL Pitbulls in the world. There are so many breeders photoshopping, using camera tricks, hyping inflated stats, hanging papers, and most of all breeding overweight, unhealthy dogs.

It's sickening. Sin City Pitbulls is a compassionate and trusted American Pitbull breeder providing the biggest, cleanest and best lines of all XL American Pitbull terriers from the late '90s. Whether it's size, looks, muscle, functionality, or health, no other Pitbull or bully kennels can compare to our dogs' bloodline, productions, and overall look. Just look at our dogs compared to our competitors, and you'll see the obvious that there is no comparison.

We pride ourselves in producing the world's cleanest XL Pitbulls and most sinister-looking Pitbulls that can perform just as well as they look. So when we put American Pitbull puppies up for sale, you know you will get the best in the breed and bloodline there is! That's not just a promise it is our passion. At Sin City Pits, we are all about aesthetics and pride ourselves in having dogs who have natural thick hard muscle without being overweight. Our dogs have tight skin and clean, non-droopy blocky, sinister headpieces, making us the only XL Pitbull Kennel with this look, build, and most importantly, bloodlines in the world.

We, at Sin City Pits, have continued keeping alive very rare old school bloodlines from dogs who have been dead for many years in our program with using frozen semen by artificial insemination. This helps keep these XL Pitbulls perfected for more decades to come.

There's a reason why our dogs stand out and look the way they do. A lot of everything else these days does not even resemble a Pitbull. This is why we have denied hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years from people that wish and want to mix our dogs with unhealthy watered-down bandogs "aka mutts" with no vision other than to flip a dollar. We have worked very hard to perfect these Pitbulls, and we won't ever cut corners to ruin it. If we missed your call please leave a detailed TEXT message with your full name and what you are calling about.

How do you produce clones of dogs? How do we use studs who have already passed away? We use frozen semen collected from these studs when they were alive. This is what separates us from everyone else, we followed a vision and look we fell in love with from the start and have even perfected it more over the years keeping the bloodlines tight together only outcrossing when things get too tight then breed it back.

We do this for the dogs to better the breed and to have the baddest dogs of its kind as part of our family! Sin City Pits Little Darling 8 months old getting ready to start that maturity stage. Athena is phenomenal head to toe thats no hype! Athena has the perfect proportionate show quality structure and looks you could ever ask for. This pretty girl has the tightest skin ear to ear, amazing natural muscle head to toe, that sinister 'looks to kill", extremely intelligent with the absolute most amazing temperament it's like as if she was produced from a goddess.

Athena's build is as propionate as it gets for a XL being 23" to the withers with a Well lets break it down for those who don't know who they are. Centerfold is our chocolate secret weapon being the most complete female we have produced yet.

She's the perfect combination of her parents Deacon X Babz taking after his ripped up frame and moms headpiece. This girl has drive for days, she climbs trees like she was a cheetah, will run along the side of the banshee till it runs out of gas and when inside the house she's the most chill sweetest dog you could ever ask for. Sin City Pits Disciples Az is following his d footsteps as a "bad mo fo" looking like a more muscular clone of his grandpa RBG King Lion which no other program has ever produced a clone of.

Every single ancestor in this boys pedigree on both sides are the baddest looking, baddest producers with the highest reputation of all XL's to ever live. Az has the most amazing temperament, he's very gentle with kids and other dogs, smart yet extremely fit like if he was a professional body builder, gotta love them natural genetics. This boy is the most naturally muscled up stud we have produced yet with the most perfect shaped big clean blocky sinister dome. Bringing back all these OG bad ass bloodlines to our new bad ass productions is the future of having more amazing breeding options and perfecting our programs even more with pure old school perfection.

Sin City Pits Disciples Az only 1. For more info on the raffle or our program please DM us or visit www. These two offsprings are the most rare of any offsprings ever produced in the last decade! Sin City Pits Disciples Az 15 months old.. This boy is following his d footsteps and looking like a clone of his grandpa King Lion..

Theirs so many bad ass dogs in this boys pedigree on both sides their was no option to be anything less then bad ass. Onyx is going to be a better version of his ancestors mark my word. Just to name a few of the baddest, biggest, cleanest studs and dams in the first 3 generations of his pedigree you'd see 2x Cerberus, 3x Steel Dragon, RBG Sniper, ICK Stalefish, 3x ICK Gracie and 2x ICK Valkyrie , if you know of these dogs you'll now how much more bad ass his pedigree gets even further back giving a good idea of how bad ass this boys going to get fully grown.

If you like Iron Cross Kennels blood on a thicker structure then Onyx is your boy. Im confident that with all my years of experience with this blood this boy is going to be a lot of kennels favorite stud and play a big roll in many programs. Remember rumors are made by haters and haters are your biggest fans. When it comes to Sapphire she is hands down the whole package from her height, thick muscle, to her amazing drive and loving temperament at the same time she's what you'd call a 'One owner dog" being very protective of her owner and family.

These two together have the most perfected mix of all the baddest looking and producing XL Pitbulls to ever live on the face of this earth from Dragons Pride Pitbulls, Iron Cross Kennels and Royal Blue Generations the absolute rarest bloodlines to date behind them of any program. This breeding will be never be forgotten for decades to come. For more info directly or visit our website www. This girls pedigree is stacked with every single heavy hitter producer on both the dam and studs sides. This girl is gonna put down the size and looks on these pups and knocks-villa will add pure clean hard muscle to them.

Knocks-ville has sure been making a big name for himself these past few years for then ever with his productions looking as muscled up as he is with the perfect clean size. This boy is hands down the most jacked stud ever produced of his kind still to this day. This boy has great height and is all muscle with that old school sinister pitbull look not many programs have anymore. He's been bred to some amazing dams but never to a direct Disciple daughter or to a pedigree like Treasures of that matter.

Knocks-Ville is going to add even more solid muscle to this litter with keeping perfect XL height and that sinister XL Pitbull look. This is going to be another amazing breeding for the records that will produce more future legends who everyone will talk about for decades to come. Knocks-ville and Disciple, two of the baddest dogs ever produced in the game ever go head to head with one another.

Do you hate everyone has ruined the clean tight muscled up look on these dogs? Are you tired of everyone having the exact same pedigrees in every program? Doesn't it suck the best bloodlines have been ruined over the years? You tired of seeing overweight dogs they call "Bullies"?

Do you want something no one else has? You tired of everyone following hype? Do you a vision of your own? Those who love the productions off our first outcross we did with FLP Deacon X DPP Babz producing Shady, Ronan, Caspara in which all turned out pure amazing with tight clean structures, amazing muscle, lots of drive with that crazy sinister head shape on every pup in that litter will love this breeding just as much possibly even more.

GG is taller, bigger and more muscular than her mom Babz with a huge line bred pedigree behind her full of the baddest, biggest, cleanest most popular big name producing XL pitbulls ever produced in the game over the last 20 years who are all upfront in her pedigree going back as far as you wanna go. Thor is the most jacked pitbull you have ever seen in a black coat with pure natural genetics from birth just like his dad passed down from generation to generation with the most consistency of any pitbull pedigree there is out there.

A lot of people slept on our first outcross and kick their selfs in the ass for it so don't be like them. That whole litter turned out more then amazing and are a lot of kennels favorites we have produced. Those who know us know we like that OG pitbull look on a XL frame with tight coats, nice muscle tone, great drive and that sinister look which is very rare to find anymore in programs these days. This breeding will produce just that with a pedigree no other breeders have in their program making these pups even more unique and valubale.

We like to not only be different then everyone else but also have a vision we will never change so we go all out when researching about dog s , program, ancestors and their productions on both sides when we put together breeding's so you best believe these two are the perfect match for one another and will produce exactly what we like. Onyx is still real young and is already turning he with his crazy sinister look on a thick jacked structure taking after his dad OG and grandpa's Colossus and Steel Dragon, we call Onyx the ICK Disciples Slayer clone in a champagne coat, if you don't know who ICK Disciples Slayer is look on our website under males and check him out.

Ruby is a perfectly put together bitch, she has lots of drive both pray and protection with the perfect amount of size and that exotic sinister look on her. We bred her sister Centerfold to a Sapphire X Steel Dragon son Cosmopolitan and had a 11 pup litter of big clean very muscualr sinister looking pups so we are expecting the exact same turnout with Ruby X Onyx.

This breeding will produce the perfect amount of drive with lots of lean natural muscle and that DPP sinister look on every pup. Shady comes from our first outcross breeding bringing back that old school pitbull blood and sinister look back upfront in our program and for the looks of it worked out perfectly. Megara is nothing less than a pure beauty with her dark chocolate coat and those crazy yellow eyes to top it off like whip cream on ice cream.

These two kids have the cleanest most perfected and rarest bloodlines behind them of any program, it was only time before they met up together. This breeding is one for the records that will produce nothing but pure perfection for those XL pitbull lovers.

For more info on our program visit our website www. His thick jacked muscle, giant cherry cheeks on a XXL frame has put him in his own league. After 40 birthdays all my wishes have finally came true. Those who believe keep your wishes to yourself and when the time is right they will all come true.

Sapphire X Sinister.

Pitbull puppies for sale in nevada

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