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Margaret Myers Margaret Myers. Six years ago, Bonnie Moore and her husband built the kitchen of their dreams. They deed it to be bright and big enough to host dinner parties but also intimate enough to be able to pick a corner — preferably one near the windows overlooking the garden — to relax in with a glass of wine.

It was the perfect addition to their home in the leafy bedroom community about half an hour outside of Washington, D. Smack-dab in the middle of the worst recession in recent U. Her solution: three women who rent rooms in her five-bedroom house. According to an AARP analysis of census data, approximately , people — , households — live in a Golden Girls situation.

And the is expected to grow, especially given that one in three Baby Boomers is single and a disproportionate of them are women. According to the Social Security Administration, widowed and divorced women rely on Social Security for 50 percent of their income after age 65, so frugality becomes a priority. For Moore, becoming a landlord was a big change, but after six years and about 15 roommates later, the retired ant and lawyer has become an expert in building these types of group homes. We asked her to share some of her tips, based on her experience as a homeowner. The first rule?

I insist! What does your house have to offer? A cozy living room for late night gatherings perhaps? Moore says to take a look at your house with fresh eyes. Walk out the door and come back in as if you were a stranger.

What does the room look like? What does it smell like? Consider baking cookies when a prospective tenant comes over for an interview. Make a checklist of things you have to offer: Can you give her a private bathroom? Can you give her some kitchen shelf space? Are pets a no-no? Make a list of deal breakers before you place an ad. Know what will work well in your house: Are there religious practices that may not fit into your lifestyle? Would a vegetarian be comfortable in a house full of meat eaters or vice versa? Are there working hours that work best? What cleanliness level suits you?

Make rules about common space. Picky little things you never think about like can anyone put furniture in the common room? Can they hang pictures on the walls? Craigslist is an option but you can also develop a flyer and pass it around in your social group or give it to your minister or rabbi. Set up a phone conversation with a prospective roommate to see if your personalities click. Then get them on the phone and chit chat; find out how well you relate. If they get past the telephone conversation, then give them the address and invite them over for an interview.

Ask prospective roommates a series of questions: Why are you thinking of moving? When do you anticipate moving? Have you given a day notice? Watch for red flags. Moore recommends having one, which you can find samples of online. Moore also supplements the lease with a list of house agreements. This is where you can add rules about common areas and your deal breakers. Be very detailed, says Moore. You may need it in the long run. People fear getting into a bad situation and then not being able to get out of it.

You need to offer her that option. This is where house agreements come into play. If a tenant has broken a rule, you can use that as an excuse to ask her to leave. This is a reminder to be detailed in your house agreement. If a tenant is delinquent on rent or has left without paying, Moore recommends filing paperwork with the courts on the sixth day because it takes so long in the court process.

Bonnie Moore is a retired ant and lawyer and the founder of the Golden Girls Network, a company that connects older women across the country and helps them find roommates in their area. She is a former editor for ESPN. She also led the features department at the Amarillo Globe-News in west Texas. Support Provided By: Learn more.

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Roommate wanted flyer

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