Searching for hassan

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Terence Ward, author, began his discussion by describing the stereotypes that American media and government have created about Iran, noting that his book was first released in tandem with President Bush's State of the Union address in which he labeled Iran part of the "Axis of Evil. Ward noted this as an important symbolic gesture supporting Muslim women working towards equal rights.

Despite the depth of Iranian culture, the American public continues to view Iran negatively, he said, but noted that readers of his book are taking an important step in dispelling the misperceptions that have thus far prevailed. Searching for Hassan describes Ward's family's search for Hassan Ghasemi, a "Persian father" to Ward and his family while Terence Ward's father served as an economic advisor in Tehran.

The Wards left Iran in to move back to the U. The book speaks of the family's experiences traveling to Iran and relocating Hassan. . Close Search Search. Show Streaming. Explore More. Watch Now. Event Sponsor. Tagged Series. Hosted By. Event Feedback First Name. Last Name. Address Optional. Next. By James F.

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Searching for hassan

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Searching for Hassan