Sex store in orange county

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The reality star was recently quoted in the last episode telling viewers she was no longer attracted to her husband. Sean Burke has been standing up for his wife as she finds herself in the spotlight. It all came to a head as Braunwyn opened up about how she had felt belittled and trapped in her marriage. The couple had recently reconciled after Sean had moved out.

Even though Braunwyn has just come out as a lesbian, the husband and wife will make their open marriage work , according to them. The blonde has been called out for her narcissistic behavior by her fellow housewives since she often contradicts what she says. Now Six is reporting that she just went on a shopping spree at a sex store with Sean. The couple was seen walking in with masks on and acting normal. Fans did comment that they did not seem too romantic and wondered if it was a gift for her girlfriend. The sex shop was also a smoke shop based in Costa Mesa, Calif.

Fans will recall they also had an apartment in the city to escape from their children. The couple left with one bag but can be seen in a picture holding a couple of vials, which very well could have some kind of smoking agent in it. Braunwyn recently revealed she was dating a woman, Kris. The couple is still going strong as they were recently spotted making out. Even though she plans on staying married to her husband, the two are not currently sharing a bed and are sleeping in different bedrooms.

Fans have argued that the reality star is acting selfishly by hoping to stay married and have her girlfriend on the side. Source: Six. Jennifer is an avid Reality TV follower and is fluent in all Real Housewives drama along with the ups and downs of the 90 Day Fiance sagas. When she is not writing she enjoys traveling the world in search of the best beaches! Share Share Tweet 0.

Sex store in orange county

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