Siamese cats for sale in san antonio tx

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Grid List. Compare View Product. Description: If you are looking for a stunning kitten then consider a Siamese kitten for sale. The Siamese cat breed is known for their beautiful almond shaped blue eyes, triangular shaped faces, and sleek double colored coats. This cat breed has Compare View Product Add to Basket.

Description: Exotic Short haired kittens for sale are a cross between the Persian and American Shorthair cats. The Exotic Shorthair maintains all of the Persian's unique characteristics, minus their long fur, making them quite sought after. The Exotic Description: Dwelf Kittens are a combination of three breeds of cats and include the Munchkin, Sphynx and the American curl.

The Dwelf gets its short legs from the Munchkin, its almost hairlessness coat retains a little peach fuss from the Sphynx, Description: Bambino Sphynx kittens for sale are a new breed of small cats created by breeding the Sphynx and Munchkin cats, and has been recognized by the International Cat Association since These Babino Sphynx kittens or also known Description: Elf kittens for sale are a very new and relatively rare hybrid breed created by crossing the Sphynx with the American Curl and have inherited the hairless appearance of the Sphynx and the curled ears of the American Curl Description: Abyssinian Kittens for sale, Felis catus , also known as Ethiopian Kittens are short haired dometic kittens with a unique and interesting "ticked" coat.

Their fur colorings appear to be banded together to create a distinctive Scottish Straight kittens are affectionate and very comfortable with all family members. They like to be with people and participate in whatever their owners are doing. These kittens for sale are friendly, laid back and make the perfect choice for British Shorthair is a friendly and affectionate breed, enjoying attention in an undemanding manner. These loyal and devoted companions are not 'lap cats' but do want to be where you are, just to snuggling up beside you.

Families and singles with or Russian Blue is good with children and other pets, and is generally gentle, quiet and shy in nature. A loner in the cat world, American Bobtail is a friendly, highly intelligent, adaptable and personable cat. Bobtails are exceptionally affectionate and devoted to their owners and can be quite demanding of Chartreux has a sunny, polite disposition that makes him a pleasure to live with. He is sweet and quiet with a gentle, amenable nature. He enjoys being a lap cat and is a wonderful television-watching pal. He is an attentive and gentle companion who Ocicat are active, curious, sociable, and playful.

They are well suited for families with children and cat-friendly dogs. He can learn tricks, enjoys interactive toys, and loves the attention from children. Sphynx is sweet, intelligent, friendly and inquisitive. He is snuggly and affectionate, always wanting to be close to you.

The Tonkinese is a perfect choice for families with children and cat-friendly dogs. He will play fetch as well as any retriever, learns tricks easily and loves the attention he Turkish Angora gets along well with everyone, children, seniors and visitors. They also get along great with other pets in the home, but it will make clear who is in charge, and who the house belongs to. This breed is affectionate, inquisitive and an Himalayan is sweet, docile and quiet. She enjoys sitting on a lap or being petted by those who are discerning enough to recognize her superior qualities, and playing house with kind children who will gently comb her hair, wheel her around in a baby buggy Balinese kittens are playful, affectionate, intelligent and social pets.

These kittens are highly intelligent, agile and require attention and regular exercise. They are social, laidback and like to play. They are a great choice for families with children Japanese bobtail is a very loving, loyal, sweet and smart cat. They make wonderful family pets, as they like to be involved in everything going on and are very patient and sweet tempered with children.

This breed is happiest among people and features a

Siamese cats for sale in san antonio tx

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