Signs youre dating an alcoholic

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People who abuse alcohol are one step beyond heavy drinkers. They continue to drink alcohol despite the toll it takes on their physical and mental health. They also drink despite knowing the harmful effects it has on their relationships. Alcoholism is defined as an addiction to alcohol. Because alcoholics are addicted, they may suffer from withdrawal symptoms while not drinking e. This can make cutting back or quitting even harder. Alcoholics first drink for pleasure until they start drinking to avoid unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

About one-third of American adults are excessive drinkers. Only 10 percent of these drinkers are actually considered alcoholics. Alcoholics develop a dependency on alcohol that inhibits their ability to cut back or stop altogether. Your partner may have alcoholic family members or abuse alcohol to cope with a mental health condition like depression. There are many reasons people drink. About 15 million people in the United States struggle with it. But, contrary to popular belief, not everyone who has a drinking problem is an alcoholic.

If you can answer yes to the following questions, the person you are dating might be an alcoholic. Here are 10 major red flags that could point to alcoholism:. Professional guidance and support is available. Begin a life of recovery by reaching out to a specialist today.

It also affects the well-being of the people in their lives. Research suggests that alcoholism is linked to severe anxiety, depression, and neuroticism. These issues can cause domestic and emotional violence in relationships. Even if your partner does not seem to be physically dangerous, an alcoholic partner could take a toll on your mental health and self-esteem. Similarly, alcoholics may lie about their drinking behaviors, which can create distrust in a relationship. And because trust is key to the foundation of any relationship, this can be difficult to manage.

No relationship survives on secrecy. Alcoholics also have a tendency of putting drinking before all else in their lives. This means that the person you are dating may prioritize drinking over quality time with you. Their drink habits may come in the way of your needs and wants from the relationship.

If you care for pets or children with the person you are dating, you may find yourself carrying the weight of these responsibilities. If you are dating an alcoholic, you should first consider whether or not the relationship is worth it. Do their behaviors take a toll on your own physical and mental health? Are they aggressive or violent? Are you generally unhappy? These are all things to consider. There are support groups available for people with alcoholic loved ones, such as Al-Anon. SAFE for immediate, confidential, free help. Your partner needs a support system during their recovery journey.

So do your best to be present, communicative, and supportive. Various treatment options are available, including inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation treatment facilities , holistic treatment centers, and traditional therapy methods for substance use and alcohol addiction. Support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous AA and the step program are also great places to start. National Library of Medicine, 29 Apr. Department of Health and Human Services, 4 June , www. Department of Health and Human Services, 13 Mar.

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Signs youre dating an alcoholic

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Dating an Alcoholic: 11 s, and What You Can Do