Small oil lamp globes

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They lit the way for our forefathers and are still burning, bright and beautiful, today. Oil lamps come in so many sizes, shapes, and styles—from the original antiques to the replication antiques to modern-day des both large and miniature. During the age of Kerosene lamps, miniature lamps were made with the same breath-taking care, down to the smallest detail of their larger counterparts.

Every part one could find in the everyday oil lamp could be found in the miniature, including the artistic touches in glass as well as brass parts that made them so unique and appealing to the eye. During the golden age of kerosene lamps, miniature oil lamps were marketed to appeal to families with children; touting them as making excellent night lights for fighting night terrors when the larger lamps were extinguished. Nowadays, they are still as charming as they were, then, yet they have become a sought-after collectible as well as being exceptionally charming in setting a cheerful, cozy atmosphere.

Like most things in life, occasionally parts need changing, and pieces break or get lost. At Antique Lamp Supply, we understand just how valuable and important your antiques, collections, and lamps are to all our customers. Therefore with 40 years of expertise behind us and many more to go, we offer the absolute finest miniature oil lamp parts of antiques and treasured early style miniatures. With our lovingly made miniature oil lamp parts you can still marvel at the delightful, skillful details of their beloved miniatures.

Our selection of mini oil lamp parts will ensure your collections of stunningly diverse, rare and beautiful small lamps remain in their original enchanting state without a reduction on the quality and artistry you've come to know and love. For further product information and to look at each of our miniature parts in clear detail, click on our photos below for in-depth knowledge. Electronic Lamp Switches, Dimmers. Supplies Iron Wall Brackets and Parts.

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Small oil lamp globes

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