Su 122 44 matchmaking

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By Daigensui , May 31, in Russia. We all know that SU is pretty powerful for a premium tank, but there seems to be quite a few people who think it's overpowered even when compared to regular Tier VII tank destroyers. What do you think? It's extremely powerful for a tier 7 TD, just what Sadukar said, but its lack of preferred matchmaking and being one tier under the tier 8 prems makes its use as a premium more limited. Its OP in tier matches, but as soon as tier 8's and 9's show up its effectiveness drops like a brick.

This isn't helped by its relatively ineffective APCR shell. When a tier 8 or 9 tank hits the scene its good armor becomes meaningless and the poor accuracy really starts to bite it in the ass. Against tier 9's the T25 and Jagdpanther far outperform it. The AC Mle is exceptional in these situations as well. The only simlarity between them both is that their aim times suck but are reasonably mobile.

It strangely gets better the stronger the enemies it faces. In a low tier match its high pen is pointless overkill and its relative disadvantages become more important. It is very, very good, but not OP. No other tier 7 td has the same alpha combined with mobility and dpm, but has terrible depression, aim time, and accuracy. I personally prefer the T25AT for gun depression, aim time, pen and accuracy, though. If that gun was any more accurate, this thing would be OP as fuck, as opposed to merely OP as it is now.

As for the Milan 46, I can see myself recommending the second 90mm flinging APCR when needed over the mm, if you think about it, even the second 90mm's standard AP pen isn't terribly bad for a Tier 7 TD. Would it be better balanced if it was bumped to Tier 8 and given pref MM? It would see the same basic breakdown of enemies, just without the Tier 5 food. The Mle 46 with the 90mm gun, while an exceptional stock tank, really amounts to little more than a bigger, clumsier Jagdpanther. Its really not bad in of itself but its, really kinda pointless.

Great tank, when not using prem rounds you tend to bounce a lot more.. Almost OP, it would be if pen was a little higher and if it had more armor.. Lucky you. I've had quite a bit of trouble penning them with the 8. Even my KV-1S's mm has some trouble if they've got good angling going on. Yeah, I would say its OP. As long as you dont get dumped into a Tier 9 battle, but after 8. Another match that stands out was an epic loss in a match full of Tier 9s and 8s in which I managed 6 kills and 5k damage. The next highest on my team was just over 1k damage and none of the tanks in the match even came close to my damage output.

If that match had happened in 8. What other vehicle can you herp-derp in, die like a n00b and still manage over damage without even trying? Sounds like I should buy this. I'm looking for a high tier premium that I can actually exceed my overall winrate in, so I don't feel like I'm making a devil's bargain every time I bring it out. The only other candidate I can possibly see to do that is the IS-6, and I already own a Churchill so why get two of the same nation and class?

That and IS-6 costs a mint. You have to love this TD. Its a slow T without a turret and the I used it as a medium with a big gun more then the traditional sit in bush, easy to hit k for good games. You can post now and register later. If you have an , in now to post with your . Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. or insert images from URL. By PityFool May By kolni September 20, By Patient0 July 23, By PityFool July 20, By leggasiini Started Thursday at PM. By Panzergraf Started September 9.

By Balthazars Started September 9. By Dinghus Started September 1. By Balthazars Started August By hall0 Started August By Panzergraf Started August By GehakteMolen Started August Followers 0. Is Su Op? Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Daigensui 1. Posted May 31, Link to post Share on other sites. Fattty It is extremely good, borderline overpowered.

Shackram 4, It's good for a premium, but not OP. JgPanther is better, more versatile. Sadukar09 Agamemneon 1, It is a very fun TD and not too OP gun is very inaccurate at distance. Tupinambis Posted June 1, Duncs Upvote Loading EchelonIII 1, Posted June 1, edited. HapcDave Fun fact, my most killed tank when driving my SU is the Tiger. Laurys Posted June 2, Rexxie 10, DracoArgentum Posted June 3, Nisa Posted June 4, ViktorKitov 1, Posted June 5, OOPMan 1, Posted June 6, Very few other tanks come close to it in terms of pure awesomeness. Nelagend 4. Posted June 9, Yoshiketzu 3.

Posted June 10, OP when facing tier 7 or less. POS when facing tier 8 and above. When top tier and facing bad to sub-average players, you can just go hurr durr straight in their face and get a radley-walter or whatsoever I don't think I got one in the vehicle but..

That's about it. Concerning the monay potential, it surely earns because OP when top tier, it still earns when not top tier. the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topic Insert image from URL. Go to topic listing. Recently Browsing 0 members No registered users viewing this . Become a patron. The Batchat 25t. PC prebuilds and why they mostly suck. Recon Mode - Test New Maps. Ranked Q3 - Hive Mind Questions. Is there an API for this information?

Su 122 44 matchmaking

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