Successful women and relationships

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This article will tell you why successful women fail at dating. And it will then provide you with the solutions. This creates an obvious problem because the better she does in life, the fewer eligible men she will find who are at her level or above. Paradoxically, average women have an easier time meeting appealing dating options than successful women do. Women think that a big salary and a big name college should increase their options, but sometimes the opposite is true.

Of course, we are talking here about preferences. You might think: OK, but men also must want equally successful women, so they just find each other. Sure, men say they value intelligence and success and nope, never would they be turned off or intimidated by it a rational stance, BTW. But what people say rarely has any resemblance with reality. Studies show that above a certain threshold, men find female intelligence a turn-off. Women prefer more dominant men, while men prefer more submissive women Wu et al.

This is true also for some of the most successful men, which is why you see many tycoons with very low-key women read strong VS submissive women. That attitude translates into s, as statistics show that men tend to marry women who make less or women marry men who make more if you prefer. Successful men, work hard. They might not want to admit it, but they prefer going home to a kind woman who helps them unwind rather than another spent for the day corporate fighter. There was a great softness to Ivana, and that softness disappeared.

She became an executive and not a wife. When Ivana started working, she started acting more aggressive , more like a man. Because as men and women go up the success ladder, their dating markets move in the opposite direction. While women would rather not date less accomplished men, men are OK -and sometimes even prefer- dating and marrying women who are less accomplished than they are. And when men have options, their dating strategies often change.

You can about how gender-splits affect behavior here. At least not for successful women. It is harder for a successful woman to find man. Women have long overtaken men in obtaining college degrees and the difference has kept on growing over the years. In recent years women have been adapting or settling? I remember a female friend complaining she had met a great guy… On paper. How to blame her? Sure that guy was exceptional but women, on average, are markedly more emotionally and socially intelligent than men Smieja et al. Where there is little arguing though is in personal care.

On average, women take better care of themselves. From what to wear, to personal grooming and hygiene Statista, women take more care of themselves. And caring about oneself is one of the very basics of personal value. Where does this all lead us? As women have been improving their conditions, men lagged behind. And in some areas, there are just too few men in general:. And when looking at statistics, we should take into that gay men show up as male but are not looking for female mates. And there are twice as many gays as lesbians. Some regions of the world also see women outing men. One little-discussed reason is that transexuals, such as men who feel like women and thus are not available partners, skew the statistics.

Men use drugs at almost double the rate of women and are more likely to:. In some regions of the former URSS alcoholism has contributed to making those countries terrible markets for women to meet men. Writes evolutionary psychology researcher David Buss :. This leaves just a few survivors—men of reasonable social status, with adequate self-confidence and good resource potential, who are willing to commit—over whom women then compete.

We made the point that men prefer women who are less accomplished than they are. And yet, most couples still often match each other in terms of overall value. That means that transactions ie. Take attractiveness for example: an ugly man can marry an attractive woman because he makes up with resources. Men value most youth and attractiveness genes while women value most attractiveness, social status, and resources. The average age difference of heterosexual couples tends to be above 5 years in developing countries and around is years in developed countries Zhang, But since we are talking about successful women who want successful men, well… The rules change drastically for successful men.

They change because many successful men can date younger women. And many of them, do. These findings are confirmed by data Pollet et. The richest men in the US married women who were on average 7 years younger. But when they remarried, they chose mates who were on average 22 years younger. However, please hold the judgemental attitude. We could indeed also theorize that there is a strong relation between resources, genes and personal character. The most successful men also showed a lot of grit , determination, and intelligence in amassing their fortunes.

And that makes them attractive fathers no matter their age. Note: there are exceptions Some older successful men do prefer women closer to their age. Evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller says that life experience and maturity make for emotionally more fulfilling relationships, and some men appreciate that Miller, And both common sense and studies prove that men prefer feminine women Little et al. In large part, most industries and businesses reward traits that are more associated with masculinity than femininity.

Of course, correlation is not causation and many career women might be more masculine to begin with. And career women are not the exception. Strong in the false belief that their accomplishments make them great catches le successful women to date too passively. I define a career woman as:. A career woman is a woman who earns or is planning to earn an above-average income, does well or extremely well in her profession, takes her job seriously and prioritizes her career over many other aspects of her life.

A career woman is not necessarily a high-quality woman and a high-quality woman does not need a career or job to be high-quality. Most high-quality men will take a more feminine woman with little or no income over an unfeminine one with high income. Thus, a high-quality but non-career woman has much better dating options also read: archetypes of alpha females. This a general analysis of the sexual marketplace for career women and successful men.

And as every general analysis, it does not apply to every single market player. And of course, this article is written from the point of view of a career woman who wants a relationship. But of course, it might be the case that a woman is not interested in a relationship or in a relationship with a man. The truth will set you free. Sure, art galleries are nice and wine tastings are sublime I agree. And maybe you can meet some exotic and romantic Italian or French men. But if most attendees are women, what are the chances?

The education gender split differs heavily among ethnicities. Keep that in mind. Of course, there is a correlation between the level of education and overall quality, but that correlation might not be as strong as you believe. IQ and education are also only one aspect of quality. Men can be masculine or high quality in plenty of other ways ie. Some career women have super high standards, are perfectionists and are never happy with themselves. People are flawed.

We all are. But if you want to live and even catch a successful man, you might want to consider pairing up and getting serious earlier in life. This is important information because, in this day and age, you will find countless resources telling you the opposite. Age-old scare tactics … to frighten women into early marriage may do substantial harm and little if any good.

But not to make you date better. I have no vested interest in telling women to pair up young instead. As a matter of fact, I really prefer all women to stay single. Think of the analogy with a game of musical chair: in the beginning, most people find a mate because the imbalanced are spread over a large population.

But it gets more and more difficult as the faster players catch the best mates. Again, this is not to say that women must pair up early. The lady in this example thought I was going to be impressed by her thunderous career start. I appreciated she was a professionally accomplished woman. Until she turned it into a selling proposition. If you are successful, great. But instead of bragging, which is very male-like, be smart and more feminine with the self-promotion. Because… You should. Here is an example for you of a sexually forward, assertive , yet attractive dating style:.

Also read:. But neither is it impossible. A few examples from powerful and feminine :. Yes, there is such a thing as mating intelligence. Going too deep on effective dating is outside the scope of this article, but here are some resources for you:. Hopefully, you have been too busy to read too much mainstream dating advice.

Instead, go for the best: Seduction University. This should be superfluous, but I want to make it abundantly clear that this article is not a denigratory piece towards career women. This is not an invite for women to work less hard or drop their careers -quite the opposite: I prefer financially independent women, so keep on rocking lady! This article showed you that, factually, there are some roadblocks for career women towards a happy and fulfilling relationship.

However, it also showed you that there are solutions. This article showed you a path. Whether you are going to walk it -or whether you even want to walk it- is wholly up to you. I would say also that some career women can see men on a similar level to them in the workplace or even in education as a threat. Even guys they are attracted to they can come to view as the competition and jealousy can arise.

Any achievement such a man may make, i. I have come across this and been party to this several times. Tends to always mean no chance of a relationship and even potentially worse backstabbing tactics from a woman who once saw you as a potential partner. Conceeding or going for a lesser social status job tends not to work either as your then seen as not worthy enough, lol. Only a guy who is way above in social status might meet the needs of such a career woman, perhaps.

If she sees you as a threat in the workplace, then yes, you might have a good point. She sees him around the same value and, possibly, slightly below -since she believes she deserves a better career and can beat you to it-. However, that mostly partakes to people in the exact same team, or at least vying for the same position. Being in a different department, even if still within the same company, should remove the competition that stands between possible love and romance. Username or Address. Remember Me.

Successful women and relationships

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Why Successful Women Fail At Dating (& How to Fix It)