Surplus 303 british ammo

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It has been a while since we have seen any. It almost brings a tear to my eye when I remember how cheap some of the. But recently, we saw some Greek. Cheaper Than Dirt had some for sale in lots described as: Greek Surplus. That caused kind of a stir because it had been so long since we have seen any for sale. I decided to order some and it arrived pretty quickly. I know from experience that I can tumble it in a vibrator tumbler with some corn cob media and it will clean right up of I want it to be shinier. I went to the range thin morning and shot some. Nothing wrong with that type of sight for a battle rifle, but it is harder to be very precise with such a sight.

The other rifle is my No. I will be shooting the Greek milsurp and comparing it against some Prvi Partizan grain Soft Point ammunition. This ammo has proven to be very accurate. It sells for approximately 80 cents a round. That is compared to the Greek milsurp at about 39 cents per round. These are three, 5 shot groups at 50 yards shot with my SMLE. The top one is the Prvi Partizan, and the two lower groups are the Greek milsurp. And here are some groups shot with my No. Again, the top group is the Prvi and the bottom two are the Greek milsurp. As you can see, I got almost the same accuracy with the two kinds of ammo.

A slight difference, but not enough to matter. It is Boxer primed and I can reload it. Educational Zone. Educational Zone 41 — Tiger Striping a Firearm.

Surplus 303 british ammo

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