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Operating Time and Entrance fees:. Kestrel Hydro Reviews:. Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4 Photo 5. Please check the website for more information. You and your friends are invited to Kestrel Hydro's mixed gender adult naturist spa which is located near Heathrow Airport. The Hydro, which has a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere is a naturist spa for those who prefer not to wear clothes whilst enjoying the full benefits and pleasures of a sauna, a heated swimming pool, an outdoor and an indoor hot-tub, relaxation rooms,a sunbathing area and a TV room.

We welcome regular members and day visitors. The website is updated regularly to inform guests of future events at the spa. As most of the fun in the spa involves getting wet, we provide free towels and lockers to keep your belongings safe. However, we do advise you to bring some form of footwear to walk around the Hydro, i.

Kestrel Hydro opening hours vary from summer to winter, so please refer to our website for current timetable of hours and events. Me and T came to your spa yesterday. Just wanted to say that it was a really relaxing and fun couple of hours we spent with you guys. Thanks for creating a really chilled out space and the people that went there seemed to be really good people as well MP Rating: 10 Title: Great for girls! Being 3 single ladies, we were unsure of how it would be, but we had a great few hours and can't wait to come again!

The guests we met were great too so thanks to them. If they read this, I am sure they will know who they are! Thanks again and see you very soon. I have just spent the most perfect afternoon. The very first one that came up was Kestrel Hydro near Heathrow.

We were so glad that we decided to go there. The place is just perfect - a proper pool with a roof that rolls back when the weather is good, sunbathing lawn, two Jacuzzis, sauna, massage room, and a of cabin style play rooms. We were greeted by M who, having gone through the Day Member admin. First stop was the Jacuzzi by the pool. The temperature was just right and though there were one or two people around the area, nobody ed us so we were free to enjoy ourselves and each other.

Then into the pool - this was a little cooler than the hot tub but was still perfectly comfortable at 40 degrees. We swam a bit, but mostly we just stayed very close with lots of kissing and cuddling which one of the guys watching evidently found enjoyable. We thought it better to go to one of the cabins at this point. First decision - which to put on the door? As it was our first time there we opted for the former another time, well …..

The cabin was a good size with a large bed area at just the right height, if you know what I mean. The mattress surface was a vinyl type fabric which was easy to spray clean and wipe dry spray and wipes provided. We took our drinks to some tables where a small group of members were sat and introduced ourselves. While we were chatting about this, that, and the other, M ed us bearing a large chocolate cake — it seems that it was his birthday.

Coffee and cakes consumed, we all climbed into the second hot tub, which was very cosy and extremely enjoyable. This is what we really loved about the place. It is so natural, relaxed and sociable. That left us just one thing to do before we left. We converted our Day Pass to Full Membership …….. I'd heard about you well over a year ago and can't believe it's taken me this long to get myself down - should be ashamed of myself! After the 20 minute walk from Heathrow Terminal 5, there was no problem finding Kestrel from a Streetmap printout.

I decided to pay for a full membership on arrival, as I got the feeling that this wouldn't be my only visit. I had only just de-robed and was sitting outside the changing area having a "ciggie" before embarking on a tour around the club, when I was approached by S who used to work there - I'd known her as a chat-room friend for a few years now, so you can imagine my surprise! It was so good to see her again after so long, and totally unexpected.

S helped me to relax and feel a part of the crowd by introducing me to friends some of whom also work there, but can't remember all their names - sorry! I chatted to a few couples and guys during my time there all really nice people , and whilst I was enjoying watching a DVD in the dungeon, was approached by a couple who invited me to in some fun not bad for my second hour of being there, is it?

I can honestly say that I've not been to a club this friendly and with so many outdoor and indoor facilities for ages. It's always brilliant to be able to walk round and socialise in an area, and remain naked - nothing better to help you forget the everyday stresses of life, as well as a great incentive to have fun! I left at around 7. On my way, another member stopped and gave me a lift back to Terminal 5, which was really good of him, and was very much appreciated by me! So there you are - one new, and very satisfied member!

Guys - providing you aren't pushy, sad or unpleasant, and that you have at least the minimum of social skills, you'll feel at home here immediately. Thanks again to all who make Kestrel Hydro the place to be. Can't wait until my next visit at the start of September! G Rating: 9. Kestrel Hydro. . Add your listing Forgot Password. Meet Swingers in uk on SDC. Swingers Date Club. Club Details. Club Size. On premise sex allowed. Single Females. Single Males. Membership Fees:. Kestrel Hydro Description. Post New Review. Title: Spa visit. Hi Guys.

Thanks for creating a really chilled out space and the people that went there seemed to be really good people as well MP. Rating: Title: Great for girls! Just want to say a big thanks for making mine and my friends' first visit really relaxing! Title: wow. An Afternoon at the Spa Wow! Title: Just thought I'd drop you a note to say what an excellent first visit I had yesterday! Rating: 9. To see larger image mouse over text.

Swingers club near heathrow

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