Top 5 celebrity crushes

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Look, we all know we are more interested in looking at female celebrities than male ones except you Ryan, calm down. Here are the top lady crushes most women have:. Emma Stone Emma Stone burst onto our radars as the quirky, offbeat comedy star with a difference.

Olivia Wilde Not just a pretty face, Olivia took the stage name Wilde after the one and only Oscar, a testament to her brains too, perhaps? No, mainly because her real name is Olivia Cockburn. No, it is. Not only does she act, she also models, writes, acts and directs. Oh and she just did a shoot with Glamour where she showed just how beautiful is is to be a breastfeeding mum. Miranda Kerr Miranda started out as a Victoria's Secret model no surprise there really and rose through the ranks to become one of the most famous Supermodels of recent times. Life envy much? Christina Hendricks Christina, or as most of us will know her, Joan, the steely star of Mad Men , is as famous for her acting skills as she is for her curves and she never looks as good as when poured into another of those fabulous vintage costumes.

Not bitter at all…. Mila Kunis Mila is another classic case of being the girl that every man wants and every woman wants to be. She proved herself as a worthy actress from the get go and her popularity has been on an upward spike ever since. The fact that she appears to be so grounded, normal and funny only helps to increase our admiration and love for her. Rihanna Pretty much every sane girl in the world would agree that Rihanna is one of the hottest females ever.

She appears to have it all. The looks, talent, money, men well… , lifestyle, friends. So thank you Rihanna, we officially want to be you right about now. Blake Lively Blake, the tall, beautiful Gossip Girl star has since moved on from teen dramas and married the equally beautiful Ryan Reynolds. With legs up to her armpits, the most lusted after hair in the business and a wardrobe full of clothes that merely highlight how goddamn hot she is, Blake, we applaud and really want to be you.

Here are the top lady crushes most women have: Disney wedding theme: 12 FAB ideas from decorations to dresses. Your first memory probably never happened, according to a new study.

Top 5 celebrity crushes

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Celebrity Crushes! (Male)