Unfair matchmaking war thunder

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War Thunder is a thrilling massive multiplayer game that can be played cross platform for absolutely free. This free game gives players the option to take place in massive military battles on land, in the air, or at sea with friends all over the world. Choose from over 1, vehicle with a huge a variety of weapons and combat situations. Download the free game War Thunder on PC or Mac, Playstation, or XBox and get ready to be a part of one of the most comprehensive military games ever made.

Pros: Gameplay is fun, graphics are good, tanks are cool, ships are cool, planes are cool. Fun events. Cons: Ghost shells, illogical ricochet and non-penetration, bad matchmaking, expensive repair cost, historical maps it's unfair since the other side has advantages like enemies have covers while my team don't , a ww2 ho-ro can beat a Abrams tank illogical as fuck , spawn-killing.

Overall: The game is fun but the developers do not care about the players which is why the game only has 3. Pros: There is a lot of pros going into this game starting with the graphics. If you have a really good pc you can crank those graphical settings up to the maximum. Even if you have a bad pc or laptop also pc the game is still playable on lower settings and the game still looks good.

There are more than vehicles in-game. If you spend the time you'll most definitely get your favourite vehicle. If you don't have time a lot of time to spend in-game that is alright for War Thunder doesn't punish you for it. The organization of the tech trees is balanced and fair. The br system is quite smart to keep the matches organized and fair. It also makes queue times for most game modes really short.

The tank modes are really realistic. Able to play the game without spending any money. Cons: Aside from bugs, helicopters are a little unfair to play against. Most of the time at top tier a ka50 p2w heli. Will rush the battlefield and take out half of a team. Other times they'll sit 10km away from the battle.

Another con is the ability for any player to take out their credit card and buy their way to the top. These players will buy the way to the top and start to play there and get killed over and over and then they go cry in the forums because of their lack of experience. These players in some ways ruin matches. Overall: War Thunder is a fun free to play game if you're looking for realism. War Thunder is a game I have almost hours in. It's a game I really enjoy playing.

I've made so many good memories with the game and would highly recommend it. It may get hard at times to keep playing or keep pushing, but trust me, it's worth it to push forward. Have fun and try and have a good time. Pros: Realistic tanks and visual effects, wide variety of vehicles from 9 country's and i my opinion no pay to win.

Cons: Armor penetration system especially for Italy, The Italian tanks from 3. Overall: My experience with war thunder started fun and exciting but until i know more and more about the game and found some techtrees have massive problems like low armor and penetration which you see 2 BRs lower and are almost impossible to play like the P40 from the italian techtree and the Challenger from the British techtree and you sometimes fight modern tanks in WWII tanks which is completely unfair.

If you really like tanks and want to see the their virtual glory then this is your game but you get a shit gameplay system with that. Thats why i give it three stars for the tanks the other two stars are for the game play thats why they aren't colored yellow. Pros: Tank graphics. That's the only pro I can think of with this game, it's was mildly fun at first but unfortunately the greed of the Gaijin has just put people off.

Cons: Everything about the way this game is set up to make you pay is a con. Match ups are terrible. Grind is boring and a waste of time. Repair costs too high, especially as you go to higher tiers. Costs to purchase tanks and mods at higher tiers are ridiculous. Overall: I had fun at first and paid for premium a few times which helped a little with building up some silver lions. After a while, it's just the same boring maps and the same routines with the same bad match ups.

Also, strange how I stopped paying premium and now I find it hard to get a kill. I seem to get one shot killed often and I rarely can get a one shot kill now. The silver lions I had built up are evaporating fast! Pros: Good array of vehicles, can be fun, often frustrating, you will have long losing streaks, in a row interspersed with the odd win.

Cons: You will lose a lot and be constantly mismatched. Gaijan will want you to spend real money on premium items in the hopes you think it will make you a better player. Overall: Free game means you lose in the end, yes it's worth a premium but don't get fooled into buying extras. Pros: The graphics look pretty good. When you don't buy premium time with real money you can't play this game anymore! Cons: Despite the good graphics the gameplay because of Gaijin's greed destroys everything and just frustrates you. Not officially, but in disguise and secretly. It's clear that the Gaijin staff observes you while playing and the persons who dare to stop paying for a so called "free to play" game get put into useless bot teams who will make you lose most of the battles.

That creates a massive loss of silver lions. It's all controlled. When you dare to stop buying premium time you will play arcade battles against the Gaijin Staff with their modified and overpowered special tanks or fighters. You get one shot killed most of the time while asking yourself why you mostly aren't able to one shot kill your adversary.

They also modify your hit detection so that Gaijin employees will always win against you. And you lose your silver lions. Lately Gaijin has changed their economy system. Now you lose silver lions during arcade battles although you have killed 4 tanks and just lost only one tank of yours. All you need is to lose the match then your silver lions roll away. Now it's very easy to lose Thanks to Gaijin's new economy system you will need 5 hours of playing to get the lost But only when the Gaijin staff shows some mercy and let you win.

It's all rigged. All adjusted to frustrate you! Overall: Since I play this game and the most of the tanks and fighters I have unlocked during that period of time can't be used because of their high repair costs. Free to play is just a big lie!!! Gaijin needs a boycott to force a change! Pros: Dopamine when you get kills and that's about it. The only thing rewarding about this game is if you end up lucky enough to get even more than one kill. Cons: Everything else. Basically get punished for trying to play objective, worst balancing I've ever seen in a multiplayer game, extremely pay to win, spawn camping is essentially a must in ground battles and makes the game infuriating when on the receiving end, takes far too long to research anything and whenever you do you'll eventually run out of silver lions to buy anything you research since it costs so much to do anything even switching your tanks costs silver lions unless you pay money for premium.

And all this might be tolerable if Gaijin could actually make a single good map, and if you don't want to play on the rest of their garbage maps luckily they have a filter option to remove them from the queue Overall: Complete garbage, I'd rather be set on fire than have to play this crap for another hours. Do not waste your time. Pros: Look of the vehicles. This is the only pro. Anything else in the game is a total failure.

No more pros. Cons: - Active personal data collecting and stealing - "Free-to-play" but you are forced to pay or leave. Overall: As an official game reviewer, I have checked thousands of forums, thousands of gameplay videos to get prepared. But you cannot get prepared that you will face with when you start playing with War Thunder. Registration: You have to register an which is average.

You need a living e-mail address. This is OK. But there is a game store and a market area. At game store, you can buy golden eagles, vehicles, packages for real money. At the market, you can buy or sell ingame elements for gaijin tokens and here comes the personal data stealing.

To the market, you have to add your address Nation, city, street, of your house, postal code, real name, phone . If you don't, you cannot access the market. Premium or free user: There is an extremely big difference between premium and free users. For example is you ear research points in a battle, you will receive of it for free, and will put to "pay for it if you need it" section which is called "free research points" it is disgusting.

As a free user, you are not going to be able to use tank destroyers, medium tanks or heavy tanks from the mid-level of the tech tree, because the repair costs are much higher than the income you can generate in a battle. So a free user can play with light tanks or SPAA only from the mid-level of the tech tree.

Matchmaking: This is an awful shame. It means, that you will always suffer as a free user. Technical datas: All the technical datas are incorrect. The only correct thing in war thunder is the looklike and mostly the name of the vehicles. Is this realistic? Don't think so. These are heavily armored vehicles from 44 to tons. This is just not real.

Fictive vehicles: There are several vehicles in War thunder which were never built or built as a prototype for testing, but never uses. Like IS-7 with 6 prototype built, never used, Object with 5 built prototype, never used, Object with 6 built prototype, never used, Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus with 2 built prototype, never used, E with never built vehicle, A33 Excelsior with 2 built prototypes and so on.

Is this realistic and can told as a simulator? The realistic ground battle is mixed with airplanes and helicopter, which sound fun, but it is not. If you want to play with tanks against other tanks, than War Thunder in not a choice for you! Airplanes and helicopters dominates the tank battles. In most cases you are going to be destroyed by a plane or a helicopter in tank battles. Unstabile servers: This is an average story. Daly server lags and DCs. You can do nothing against it and the gaijin staff will do nothing against it. Bugs: The game is full of with bugs.

The sound is scrachy, the sound of the planes bugs after you change point of view for example when you switch to gunner view from 3rd person view than back to 3rd person view. The vehicles can stack on asphalt without a reason, turret can jammed without any damage and so on.

Hackers: This game has the highest level of hackers. The basic is ESP and aim hack.

Unfair matchmaking war thunder

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