Used 17 tires

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There are many times when buying used tires is the right choice. You may be planning to trade your car in soon. Or, maybe just one or two tires are worn or damaged, and you want to match the wear on your other tires instead of buying new. We offer quality used tires cheap in nearly every size and in complete sets of 4, pairs of 2 and singles. As the new tire prices continue to increase, many people who are looking for cheap tires are choosing to save hundreds of dollars by buying cheap, high quality used tires instead.

Feel free to stop by or call us at to check tire size availablity and pricing. It is always the consumer's decision whether new tires or used tires are the right choice for their purposes. If you decide that a quality used tire is right for you, the friendly sales staff at Texas Tire Sales will help you select the right tires and will provide the same high quality service and attention to detail that you would expect from a new tire purchase.

High Quality Used Tires We also stock used mud tires, used all terrain tires, used performance tires, used 15 inch tires, used 16 inch tires, used 17 inch tires, 18 inch, 19 inch, used 20 inch tires, used 33 inch and 35 inch tires and even 21 inch to 24 inch used tires. We also have used car rims and tires as well as used mud tires and rims for sale. If you are looking to buy used tires at the best price, come check out our huge inventory of good used tires for sale. Thank you for your quote request. A representative will get back to you shortly.

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Used 17 tires

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