Voodoo donut i was the girl with afro

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Hailing from Portland, where hip is law, Voodoo lays claim to a longstanding reputation as a trailblazer in the realm of fried dough. The aroma of sweet dough beckons meandering lines of salivating Denverites, each eager to acquire bubblegum pink boxes stuffed with holey treats. Located at E. Colfax Ave. Gawdy brass chandeliers lacking the subtlety of soft light illuminate unabashed yellow walls and primary colored floor tiles. The sizable line gives first-timers a chance to take in the atmosphere and peruse the colossal menu.

Unfortunately, digital menus on screens are hardly visible. Most viewed the full menu on their Smartphones while griping about the indecipherable screen on the menus. With an infinite selection of raised donuts, cake donuts, fritters, cruellers and old-fashioned donuts, Voodoo covers all the bases. Bins carrying cereal, flavored powder, sprinkles, coconut shavings, marshmallows, candy bars and frosting rest in giant stacks. While Voodoo certainly lives up to its mystifying name, donut purists might be deterred by all the fuss.

And while the store offers an assortment of beverages, they are lacking the ultimate donut beverage accompaniment: milk. So be sure to BYO. When visiting Voodoo Doughnuts, prepare for massive calorie intake and perhaps opt out of dinner.

Sugar hangovers are almost a certainty. And be sure to arrive with a repertoire of quirky small talk—at least enough for the ten minute line wait. The Grind: Voodoo Doughnuts. By: Camilla Sterne January 27, The Grind turns one. Related posts. THC potency cap bill faces…. A look up at Williams…. Cannabis to-order: The future of…. Driscoll Green: The skepticism surrounding….

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Voodoo donut i was the girl with afro

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The Untold Truth Of Voodoo Doughnut