Waterproof work boot reviews

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July 18, Disclaimer: The Tool Report is supported by readers. If you buy something through a referral link on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. Learn more. A durable and comfortable pair of work boots can be a Godsend. Traditional work boots are great for jobs that require lots of time on your feet on hard surfaces such as construction, warehouses, welding shops, etc.

Welders, in particular, will want to look for boots that specify fire and spark resistance. Out top picks are general-purpose boots, while most of the others on our list are specialty boots. We list everything you need to know about each work boot in the reviews below. The Wolverine Raider is the best work boot on the market in The Contour Welt construction gives great support all day.

When you are looking at Wolverine boots, consider the removable comfort-gel footbeds and the slip resistance of the rubber-lug soles. With a mesh lining that improves breathability and a lightweight-but-durable midsole, this is a great work boot for all-day wear.

There is a steel-toe option as well as a darker brown choice. The company offers this same construction but in Oxford shoe style and in the Wellington style. You get excellent protection in every work setting and great traction on moist or oily surfaces. You can get the Raider Extreme version for waterproof benefits. You can also read our full Wolverine Raider review.

for Price. They are comfortable, safe, and tough, which is essentially what you want when you buy work boots. The traction grip outer sole is great for wet or slippery surfaces, plus they offer electrical hazard protection. The Timberland PRO has a full-grain leather upper, padded collar for extra comfort, and speed-lacing hardware.

They look great and feel great, in almost every situation. Timberland provides a great value for the price, so you can consider them a solid investment. Because Timberland focuses on the outdoor lifestyle and on making work boots that will stand up to your tests in the forest or on the concrete, you can depend on them to be comfortable all day.

The 3rd boots on this list come from a brand that is not as well known, but which has a long history in the boot industry. While you may not know the Thorogood name as well as you do other brands, you should know that these comfortable, durable boots have been manufactured by Weinbrenner Shoe Co.

Thorogood boots are made in Wisconsin, with the American Heritage Wedge Sole Collection being the most popular at this time. High quality is the name of the game for Thorogood. Overall, Thorogood American Heritage boots are soft but still durable, giving you the feel of stability you want. The fit is excellent, with little or no slipping. Thorogood American Heritage boots provide long-lasting comfort with a rubber cushioned midsole, slip-resistant and oil-resistant outsole, and cushion-wedge sole.

The boots are constructed using a Goodyear Storm Welt, cushioned footbed, rubber midsole, and an engineered, composite shank for support and stability. The Caterpillar Second Shift offers serious protection and rugged construction. The boots can stand up to the daily pounding they will take during your workday.

One of the key benefits of the Caterpillar 2nd Shift is the Climasphere sock liner. For those who tend to sweat, this liner wicks away moisture that develops inside as you work. The de is in the classic work boot style, with meticulous attention to detail that will let you take care of a lot of different tasks, on and off the job. Special attention has been given to the outer soles, which are deed to provide maximum traction on moist or oily surfaces.

The steel toe is made to the highest standards in the industry, for impact and compression. Keen work boots give you a slightly different look, with their de taking you away from the traditional leather upper de. This brand will give you the comfort and support you need on the job.

Great for exterior work and break into your personal fit quickly. The flexible upper provides great movement, which is perfect for the worker who must bend and climb on a regular basis. The boots provide complete comfort for those who walk quite a bit during work, which makes them a good choice for utility workers, meter reading, and warehouse work. They breathe well and are good at keeping your feet warm in the winter.

The goal of the company that originated in Portland, Oregon, was to de for the lifestyle that the customer actually lives. This included establishing a modern U. Materials are gathered from around the world so that the most critical assembly steps are completed in Portland. In basic terms, these are what steel-toe work boots should be: just as tough and comfortable as the soft-toe de. The top collar is padded for comfort, while the midsole uses polyurethane for comfort and wear.

The special fabric linings have an anti-microbial treatment to control odor, plus you get nylon plates for shock-diffusion and rigidity. The Timberland PRO footbeds are open-cell polyurethane and are also treated for odor control. The outsoles are Timberland PRO rubber for resisting abrasion, oil, and moisture. They weigh about 1. As with the soft-toe version, these can be considered a solid investment and a good value for the price. The flexibility of the sole and upper make them a good, all-day boot, for construction, warehouse work, utility technicians, electricians and many other men and women who spend a lot of time on their feet.

But this waterproof work boot also delivers the same comfort and support of all Wolverine products, including the removable, full-cushion footbed and the light-but-durable polyurethane midsole. The company uses a permanent, direct-attached molding to seal out water, which makes this an outstanding choice for outdoor work, construction sites, and for industrial work that sometimes can be hard on traditional leather boots.

If you spend a lot of time on concrete or do a lot of walking over rough terrain, the lightweight nylon shank is highly effective for battling against foot fatigue. They also deliver outstanding traction on all surfaces with its quality rubber outer sole, because your work boots should work as well as you do. You can put these on to start your day and depend on them being reliable and very supportive. The sole is built to stand up to extreme conditions, making it highly durable. Consistently durable and always comfortable, the Wolverine WP is the best waterproof work boot on the market.

For street-department and utility workers, construction on outdoor projects, and for people who must keep their feet warm and dry in winter, this will be a good choice. Timberland continues to produce quality boots for every setting and for all weather, including this de with both safety toe and waterproof leather upper. You also benefit from the torsion rigidity of the nylon, diffusion shank, as well as the anti-microbial, open-cell footbed.

This interior de gives you great cushioning and durability, as well as temperature regulation, while the heel cup is molded for added comfort. The dual-density, rubber outsole is light in weight but delivers excellent traction on oily, moist, or abrasive surfaces. You can work all day with these durable, reliable boots that weigh in at about 1 lb. Timberland produces a wide range of work-related footwear, always with a focus on the outdoor, rugged lifestyle of their New England roots.

This shows in the durability and comfort of their boots. Carhartt has a long, well-deserved reputation for producing quality products for the outdoorsman and the working person. Many people will immediately think of the rugged pants and jackets produced by this company, but others have found their waterproof work footwear is rather good as well. The company uses Rugged Flex technology for comfort and ease of movement and combines this with a composite toe for extra protection.

The patented rubber outsole is ideal for tough conditions, such as cement work, and construction projects. Even if you work in a setting that puts you in contact with wet ground or water used in the work process, the Carhartt CMF will get you through the day and keep your feet dry. For individuals who are in the construction industry, this can also be a great choice, especially if that work takes you to chemical plants or up on scaffolding in unknown weather conditions.

You may even consider putting a new sole on them since the uppers are that comfortable. This respected manufacturer likes to tell its customers that Carhartt is in charge, instead of the weatherman. This is the best summer work boot on our list! This is a durable, protective, workwear product that is also very breathable and comfortable for on-site performance. All in all, they are a comfortable boot that is extremely durable.

They deliver electrical-hazard protection that meets ASTM standards and have quality, oil-resistant soles. The leather upper looks good, wears well, and is water-resistant even in tougher settings, in a boot that weighs about 22 oz. They feature a compression-molded EVA midsole, contoured heel for comfort, slip-resistant, non-marking outer sole and a sturdy shank for stability and durability. The Portland, Oregon-based company has always focused on deing and manufacturing work boots for the way a customer works and lives.

The finest materials are gathered from around the planet, and the critical assembly steps are completed in the Portland facility. As you probably know, this world-class corporation is known for the rugged dependability of its construction and industrial equipment. The Convex Mid Steel Toe boot brings a unique combination of rugged leather, rubber, and mesh to the working world so that you always have a comfortable pair of boots but also get electrical hazard protection. The slip-resistant sole technology makes these work boots outstanding for almost every setting or surface, while the EASE midsole and custom-engineered foam make you comfortable, in a lightweight product that stands up to work requirements.

Waterproof work boot reviews

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